Hell Valley

Wadi Jahannam, one of the valleys in the Lebanese Republic, was given this name because of its mysterious and deep nature. It was called by many names in addition to Wadi Jahannam. It is known as Wadi Kafr Hitta. social relations between the two countries for a long time.

The Valley of Hell has a picturesque nature, and a heavy seasonal river flows through it in the winter and spring, and it is called the Siniq River. There are many types of rare plants and trees, and many wild animals and some types of birds, especially partridges, lived in this valley.

Hell Valley Landmarks

Wadi Jahannam contains many natural caves and caves, and there are also a number of archaeological buildings. It is passed down by villagers in the area.

In addition to this, this valley contains many ancient and contemporary stone mills that were erected on the banks of the river that permeates the bottom of the valley. supporter.

There is another valley called this name in the countryside of Tartous in Syria, and many differed about the reason for the name, some of them said that the reason is due to the ruggedness of the region and the depth of the deep valley, and others said that the name was given because of the battles that the region witnessed in the face of the French occupation, where these battles resulted About the victory of the revolutionaries there and the defeat of the French occupier is an evil defeat, hence the name for the terrible loss of the French there.

There is a valley adjacent to the city of Jerusalem, and it is called, in addition to the Valley of Hell, the Road of Wadi al-Nar. It was named by this name due to its roughness and depth. It was said that it was in ancient times deeper than what appears on it today. It is a barren valley in which water does not flow except in the rainy season. And this valley extends in the upper part, under the name Wadi Al-Joz, and from the bottom it is called Wadi Al-Nar, where it dives into the Jewish desert, and there are many ancient churches in the place.

Where is the valley of hell

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