Shoaib Al-Tuqi

Shuaib Al-Tawqi is considered one of the places that can be visited during the spring, as green plants abound around it, especially in the nearby places, and it can be reached by small car, despite the bumpy road.


Shuaib Al-Toqi is a long valley in which waterfalls and acacia trees abound, and it is considered one of the dangerous places during the winter, where rain water flows from the natural level, and wet mud places abound. A distance of ninety kilometers, and it is the largest valley of Al-Arma, as it is located in the middle of Wadi Al-Arma, and starts descending from the top of the valley towards the east to the town of Al-Ramah, then passes through the town of Al-Ramah, and towards the east to Riyadh Al-Mazri’ in the middle of Al-Dahna, until it reaches Rawdat Al-Hira, and includes Shuaib Al-Toqi Shuaibi Al-Awj and the Blind, as well as many Riyadhs such as: Al-Tafha Kindergarten, Abi Al-Halyan, Humaim Kindergarten, and the Blind Kindergarten.

the way to it

Coming from Riyadh

The visitor coming from the capital, Riyadh, can go to the old Al-Majma’ah road, i.e. Al-Thumama and Al-Khafs station are on the left, then continue to walk north, and the visitor will face the crossroads of digging the nest and end, taking the right side towards the east, then finding another intersection also, and towards the right It is Wadi Al-Toqi, and from the capital Riyadh also the visitor takes the Specialized Street, and towards the north the visitor bypasses the so-called North Ring Road, and the road can continue until the person faces a roundabout, and as you continue walking there will be another roundabout, then walk along the road until reaching the Junadriyah and Al-Thanhat junction Al-Suman, then take the left of the road, and towards the north, you must continue walking until the exit of Hafr Al-Ash, Al-Tawaq and Al-Suman.

The next of the ends

Shuaib Al-Toqi is less than ten kilometers away from Al-Tanhat. When taking Al-Tanhat Al-Suman Road, the visitor will face Al-Tanhat Roundabout, Hafar Al-Esh and Al-Summan. The visitor road is a water tank, and at a distance of three hundred meters to the left of the tank there will be Shuaib Al-Toqi.

Where is Shuaib Al-Tuqi located?

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