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San Diego is a city in California, and it is the second largest city in California. It is also famous for its many beaches, and for the Baron Bridge that connects the two halves of the city together. San Diego was created by the Spaniards and named after it. Qualcomm Stadium, which is the home of the city’s team, is located. San Diego has many roads in and out, with 80% of the population using private cars, as well as trains and buses. San Diego Airport is its main international and domestic airport, and its runway is crowded for the United States of America, used by nearly seventeen million passengers in the year two thousand and five., and at the present time the second runway is being enlarged.

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San Diego is located in southern California on the coast, with a population of 1,305,736 people, and an area of ​​963.6 square meters. San Diego borders small towns that end with Las Vegas.

San Diego Climate

San Diego has a beautiful spring climate most of the year. In summer, the temperature ranges from 16 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius, and in winter the temperature is not less than six degrees and the temperature does not rise above 16 degrees Celsius. Rain in Diego is rare, and snow does not reach it either.

San Diego Tourism

  • Railroad Models Museum: It is one of the largest museums in San Diego, with an area of ​​2,508 square meters, containing four huge models of the California Railway. With a hall to display small trains for children.
  • The Human Museum: It is an archaeological and human museum that contains 72,000 artifacts, as well as 37,000 historical photographs.
  • Port Village: A village located near the port of San Diego, this village contains many large shopping stores, as well as many restaurants famous for seafood.
  • San Diego Zoo: Located next to the zoo and Balboa Park. It is a large park in San Diego, filled with various animals, and endangered animals.
  • Jaslam District: Located in the city center, it is a lively place, with many restaurants and shops.
  • Coronado: It is a peninsula on the other side of San Diego, where the Hotel del Coronado is located. There are also various shops and various restaurants very close to the beach.
  • Beaches: San Diego has many beautiful beaches, including: Pacific Beach, Moonlight Beach, La Jolla Beach, and many more.
  • San Diego Airplane Museum.

Where is San Diego located?

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