Republic of Peru

The population of the Republic of Peru exceeds 29,500,000 million people, and they are descendants of many races and different civilizations. It is a mixed region of peoples, in which we find the Native Americans, Europeans, Asians, and there are Africans.

Where is Peru located?

The Republic of Peru is located in the continent of South America, specifically in the western part of it, and we find that it has borders with most of the countries in the region. It is bordered on the north by the Republic of Ecuador and also the Republic of Colombia, and on the east by Brazil, and from the southeast by Bolivia. On the southern side, we find the state of Chile, and on the western side, we find that it overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

geography of peru

The area of ​​the state of Peru is 1,285.220 square kilometers, and we find that the territory of this state is in line with the famous mountains in the region, the Andes, where we find them aligned with the Pacific Ocean. The country has been geographically divided into three regions, namely:

  • The Coast: It comes to the west of the country, and it is a plain that is characterized by being very narrow and barren, except for the rare seasonal valleys.
  • Highlands: These are mountainous areas, especially the Andes. These highlands include the plateau known as the Altiplano. It is noteworthy that the highest peaks in this country are 6768 meters above sea level, which is the peak of Huskaran.
  • Forests: They are large areas in the country, their shape is flat, and they form the famous Amazon rainforest, and we find these forests in the eastern side of the country, and it is mentioned that they constitute 60% of the area of ​​​​the state of Peru. These forests, and this is what makes this country ranked fourth In the world, the largest area of ​​tropical forests.

Peruvian rivers

Most of the rivers in the Republic of Peru originate from the high mountains of the Andes, and most of these rivers flow into three well-known basins, one of which is the Pacific Ocean, as the river that flows into it is characterized by its depth and shortness, and its flow is intermittent, and what flows into the Amazon River is longer than its predecessors, and until its flow is more, and also it is at a lower depth, immediately after this river emerges from the heights, as for the rivers that flow into Lake Titicaca, we find them are the shortest, but their flow is the most, and it is referred to several long rivers in Peru, namely: Ucayali River , the Urubamba River, and we find the Huallaga River, as well as the Putumayo River, and not forgetting the famous Amazon River, and there are many others.

Where is Peru located?

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