Mount Uhud

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Mount Uhud is approximately three and a half miles away from the city of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, before Madinah expanded in its present form. Also, Mount Uhud is located to the north of this city, where Mount Uhud extends as a mountain chain in a way that shows its inclination towards the north, and its extension from east to west.

Why is Mount Uhud named?

There are many hypotheses that have been put forward to explain the name of this important mountain, including that this mountain was named by this name because of its unification from the rest of the mountains, and because it is surrounded by the plain areas that surround it. To one of the Amalekites who inhabited it. As for the third opinion, it was that this mountain was named by this name because it is a symbol of the Unity of God Almighty.

A brief history of Mount Uhud

The name of this mountain was associated with the name of the Islamic battle that took place in it, which is the Battle of Uhud, which is one of the most famous Islamic invasions ever, and it is the second largest campaign waged by the Great Prophet and the group of Muslims who were with him, against the infidels of the Quraysh aggressors. The field that is located on this mountain is the same site in which this battle took place, and the battle field is located in the southwestern side near the mountain known as the Archers Mountain, which was named by this name because the Messenger, the commander of the battle, placed a number of archers on this mountain in order to prevent any polytheist from entering Turning around behind the Muslims and besieging them, except that the archers had violated the command of the Messenger to stay on this mountain and came down thinking that the battle was over, and here the polytheists rebuked this opportunity and turned behind the Muslims and decided the battle in their favour, and a large number of Muslims were martyred in this battle and at their head The Lion of God and the Master of Martyrs Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, may God be pleased with him, the uncle of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and with him seventy other martyrs.

Where is Mount Uhud?

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