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Everest is one of the peaks of the Great Himalayas, which is located in southern Asia on the border between Nepal and the Chinese region of Tibet. The height of Mount Everest reaches 8850 m, which is the highest mountain in the world, and the highest point on Earth.[1]The summit of Everest resembles a three-sided pyramid; It has almost three flat sides, and these sides cover glaciers and ice, and the temperature may reach -60 degrees Celsius in January.[2]

Climb Everest

Everest is one of the places that attracts experienced climbers and beginners alike, but these climbers face several obstacles that prevent them from reaching the summit, the most important of which are weather, altitude sickness, and wind. More than 5,000 people have climbed Mount Everest and 219 people have died trying climb it.[3]

To climb the summit of Everest there are two main routes, namely: the route of the northern part of Tibet, which was discovered by George Mallory in 1921 AD during a British expedition, and the route of the southeastern part of Nepal, and at the present time it is climbing through the southeastern hills; Because it’s easier.[3]

Everest climbers

Many tried to climb Mount Everest, some of them succeeded, and some of them died. We mention here the most important climbers of Mount Everest:[4]

  • George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irvine: They tried in 1924 AD to reach the summit of Everest, but bad weather conditions forced them to return after they reached record heights, and they tried again in the same year, but they disappeared, and it is not known whether they reached the summit or not. .
  • Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay: They reached the summit in 1953, the first to reach it.
  • James Whitaker: James reached the top in 1963, the first American to reach it.
  • Junko Tabei: The Japanese Junko reached the top in 1975 AD, the first woman to reach it.

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