Where is the Mosul Dam located?

The Mosul Dam is located in Iraq, and its establishment dates back to 1950 AD, after the decision of the Iraqi Reconstruction Council to establish it on the Tigris River, forty kilometers north of Mosul. The construction was delayed until 1984 AD, and that was during the rule of the late President Saddam Hussein.

Mosul Dam Characteristics

  • The Mosul Dam is considered one of the largest dams built in Iraq, and is ranked fourth as one of the largest dams in the Middle East. This dam provides water and electricity to more than one million Iraqis.
  • The Mosul Dam was built on fragile soil, which makes it a constant need for assistance to strengthen it so that it does not collapse, and the water, which reaches a height of twenty meters, will erupt towards the inhabitants of the nearby cities.
  • The dam’s capacity to generate electricity reached seven hundred and fifty megawatts, according to American sources in 2007, and this rate is sufficient to meet the needs of approximately 675,000 homes.
  • The quantities of water stored inside the Mosul Dam amount to twelve billion cubic metres, and this quantity is intended for drinking and irrigating agricultural lands.
  • The length of the Mosul Dam is 3.4 km, its height is 113 m, and its construction required 37.7 million cubic meters of building materials.

The danger of the collapse of the Mosul Dam

Later, a serious issue arose regarding the construction of the Mosul Dam, which is that it was built on soil characterized by its nature that is unable to bear, so the dam’s concrete was periodically injected to avoid its collapse, and this process took place in the mid-eighties, and after the end of the Iraq war in 2003 AD, it was found that the dam is threatened with collapse. This is due to the lack of reinforcement of its concrete, which leads to its destruction, the occurrence of a flood of up to 100 meters in height, the coverage of the city of Mosul, in addition to the cities of the Tigris Valley with water, and the death of large numbers of residents.

Aid to repair Mosul Dam

Turkey offered its assistance to Iraq to repair the Mosul Dam, and that was in February of 2016. This was stated in a statement by the ambassador of Ankara in Baghdad, called Faruk Qaymakci, and the offer provided for assistance and standing for the repair of the dam through Turkish companies designated to address the situation of the dam, In agreement and coordination with the concerned authorities.

The American embassy in Iraq requested that the dam be emptied of water, in late February of 2016, when it confirmed that cracks had occurred in the walls of the dam. However, the advisor of the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources, Mahdi Rashid, commented on the statement of the American embassy denying the possibility of any collapse of the Mosul Dam. He confirmed his work as normal.

Where is the Mosul Dam located?

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