The geographical location of the city of Jaffa

The Palestinian city of Jaffa is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean coast, 7 km south of the mouth of the Auja River, and 60 km northwest of Jerusalem. This city is distinguished by its strategic location; This is because it overlooks the calm and warm waters of the Mediterranean, and thus it is one of the windows of Palestine on the coast of the Mediterranean, and a main western gateway to Palestine, as it links Palestine with the countries of the Mediterranean Basin, European countries, African and American countries, and since ancient times Jaffa was a major station for trade Goods from the East and West, and a bridge for the transit of trade caravans between Egypt and the Levant.[1]

General information about Jaffa

There is a lot of information about the city of Jaffa, including the following:[2]

  • Jaffa is called the Mermaid of the Sea.
  • Fertile plains surround the city.
  • Jaffa is one of the ancient Canaanite cities, which is more than five thousand years old.
  • It is famous for its orange groves, as its name became known with the most famous types of oranges in the world.
  • Its industries are weaving, soap, casting and metal fabrication.
  • The city was an unparalleled cultural and civilization center, where the mothers of Palestinian newspapers were published.
  • Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi conquered the city in 583, when he conquered the coast, then the Franks took control of it in 587, and in 593 the just king Abu Bakr ibn Ayyub regained it.[3]

The climate of Jaffa

Jaffa enjoys a Mediterranean climate with a relatively moderate temperature, where the temperature in August ranges from 22-31 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in January ranges from 8-18 degrees Celsius, and the opportunity is rare for frost or snow to form, and this is what It helps citrus trees grow, and the amount of rain that falls on the city is more than 500 mm annually, as it rains between October and April, and as for the humidity, it is high in summer and winter.[1]

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Where is Jaffa?

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