Haradh city

Haradh is one of the many settlements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enjoys a privileged location, as the line from Al-Kharj to the United Arab Emirates, known as the Batha Line, passes through it.


Haradh is considered one of the administrative centers of the Al-Ahsa governorate located in the eastern region, where it is located in the southern part of it. From the city of Riyadh, it is two hundred and seventy-three kilometers away, and is the meeting point between the city of Al-Ahsa, with the regions of the central Arabian Peninsula, on the desert road.

Haradh is divided into three sections, where the first section includes the old Haradh, the second section includes the Haradh plan, and the third section includes the project.


The origin of the name of this migration is not clear, as the word Haradh, according to the Arabic language, means corruption that affects either the mind, the body, or the doctrine. Al-Azhari mentioned that this name is attributed to a place of water, known by the people of the desert.


Haradh has an ancient history, where it is said that the first inhabitants of it were the Banu Hilal tribe, and after them many tribes followed them, and the last of these tribes are still known today in the Al-Ahsa region as the Al-Murra tribe. It is distinguished by its mediation of the most famous and oldest settlements in the northern part of the inhabited Empty Quarter. These deserts are:

  • Tawila, located on the eastern side.
  • Yebrin, located to the south.
  • Fadila, located on the north side.

In the past, it was a semi-submerged area in the Empty Quarter, where no one knows, except for those who rested in it while passing through it, because it contains some fresh water wells, which are meant for everyone who takes this desert road.

The year one thousand nine hundred and forty-nine AD is considered the year of transformation for the history of Haradh, due to the discovery of oil in it, and it turned from a submerged place to a major industrial area.

Today, there are several factories and companies in Haradh, such as a gas plant, as well as a plant for extracting gas liquids, which are affiliated with the famous Saudi Aramco, in addition to a dairy factory affiliated with Nadec, the National Agricultural Development Company, and an agricultural project, as well as a train station. Which greatly contributed to facilitating communication with other regions.

Where is Haradh located?

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