Central America

Central America is a geographical region located in the middle of the Americas, North America and South America, and it extends in the north from Mexico to Colombia in the south, and is bordered on the east by the Caribbean Sea, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, while it is bordered on the north by the Gulf of Mexico and in the south by the Caribbean Sea as well. It includes several countries according to the geographical definition of the United Nations, namely: Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, and in our article we will learn about one of the Central American countries, which is El Salvador.

El Salvador

El Salvador, or the so-called “State of the Redeemer”, is the smallest country in Central America in terms of area, and the largest in terms of population density. This country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Guatemala to the north, and Honduras to the east. El Salvador is the only Central American country that does not overlook the Caribbean Sea, but there are many rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean, such as the Lemba River, the largest river, the Guascoran River, the Jebua River, the Torola River, the Paz River, and the Rio Grande River. , and other rivers, as well as many lakes, such as Lake “Ailupango”, Lake Guija, and other natural and artificial lakes.

The capital of El Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador, which is the largest city in it, and the cities of Santa Ana and San Miguel are among the country’s most important cultural, economic and political cities. As for the country’s demographics, the majority of its residents are mestizo, that is, of mixed European-American descent, and there is no African minority in it because there are no shared coasts on the Atlantic Ocean with Africa. The language of its people is Spanish, which is called “Caleche”, in addition to English. As for religion, most of its residents follow the Christian religion from the Catholic and Protestant denominations, which greatly affected the cultural and social life in the country.

El Salvador’s economy

The economy of El Salvador is rather strong, and it is the third economy among the Central American countries, and it has been greatly affected by the natural disasters that have befallen the country, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and others. Previously on the production of coffee, and textiles, in addition to the large employment in knitting and the manufacture of clothing. As for tourism in it, the country has one airport, which is the Comalapa International Airport in the capital, and the government has tried to develop the tourism system to take advantage of it. Ancient civilizations established in them.

Where is Salvador located?

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