Disneyland in California attracts nearly 14 million visitors annually, and it is an amusement park that was established in 1955 AD on a land area of ​​160 acres, and the cost of its construction amounted to 17 million dollars, and it obtains financial liquidity of more than 3 billion dollars annually. This entertainment city was built by Walt Disney, born in Chicago in 1901 AD, an artist famous for his animation, especially the Mickey Mouse character, who established a film studio. In the early fifties of the twentieth century, Walt Disney began with the idea of ​​designing a huge amusement park, so he chose a plot of land in Anaheim, about 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles, and began building the city in 1954 AD and completed its construction in 1955 AD, and invited many people to the opening day As Walt Disney’s vision was to make this city an entertaining and educational city at the same time.[1]

Disneyland park locations

The city of Disneyland has achieved wide fame. Every year, it is included in the list of the 10 most visited parks in the world; Therefore, more than one branch of this entertainment city has been established, as two parks were set up in two different locations in America, and 4 parks were established in 4 countries around the world. Below is a brief overview of the Disneyland locations in the world.[2]


The main and original headquarters of the city of Disneyland is located in southern California, and one of the most important activities that visitors engage in in this park is watching Disney shows such as Twilight, and you can shop in an area called Downtown Disney, and you can play many games such as Peter Pan, Ferris wheel, and roller coaster You can also experience the Mad Tea Party.[2]


After the success achieved by Disney in California, Walt Disney began in 1965 building a new branch of the park on a plot of land the size of Manhattan, located near Orlando, Florida, but Disney died in 1966 and the park was opened in 1971. This park consists of 4 amusement parks, a water park, as well as a Disney walkway, a complex for various sports, a Disney spring complex, the animal kingdom, and Hollywood studios. The most distinctive feature of this park is the Magic Kingdom, which is the most attractive place for visitors, with the famous Cinderella Castle.[2][1]


The city of Disney was established in Tokyo in 1983, and it is larger than the original Disney city in California, and it was built on the design of the Disney city in Florida, where Cinderella Castle is located in the middle of the park. The park consists of two parks, one of them is Disneyland and the other is Disney Sea or Disney Sea, which is a separate park with water slides and water games, including a Twilight Tower and other games. In the park, live performances and special types of foods are held, such as cake in the form of Mickey Mouse’s head, and some delicious local foods. On special days, such as Halloween, the park is decorated in an attractive way and many activities are held.[2][3]


The city of Disney opened in Paris in 1992 AD, to provide a distinctive experience for people in Europe similar to the experience of the American park, but this park takes a more European rather than American character, as it contains a land of discovery that includes famous European personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci, and visitors ride in a missile ship in the style that Suggested by a former Italian inventor. The entrance is decorated with reproductions of miniature statues of the Statue of Liberty, which France once gave to America. The park includes a group of Disney studios that are booked for shows, and meals are served in fine restaurants or fast food restaurants.[2][3]

Hong Kong

Disneyland, which opened in Hong Kong in 2005, was the smallest Disney city in the world, but it expanded to 7 new levels, and was designed in the Chinese style to attract tourists to it, using traditional Chinese elements, as these elements are linked to the philosophy of positive energy, and these elements are Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, which can be seen throughout the park, the visitor can see two huge rocks hanging at the entrance, and the entrance also decorates a huge fountain for Disney characters, and the park contains many ponds, fountains, and water lakes. One of the most important areas in the park is a toy story land, a fantasy land filled with characters from ancient Chinese drawings, adventure land, and others. Red is the dominant color of the park; Because it is considered the color of luck in Chinese culture.[2][3]


The newest Disneyland theme park in the world is located in Shanghai. It opened in 2016. It has a Chinese character. It also contains many traditional Disneyland games such as Tomorrowland, and it has many restaurants and shopping centers. When the city first opened, a special opening ceremony was held, with drums banging to traditional Chinese drum music, and Mickey dancing to it in a traditional Chinese Tang red suit.[2][3]

The most famous places in Disneyland

The city of Disneyland is divided into many places, each with its own character, design and activities, and the most famous places in Disneyland in particular are those in Florida:[4]

  • The Magic Kingdom: The Magic Kingdom is the first area that opened in Disneyland, and it is the largest theme park in Disney City with an area of ​​​​107 acres, and it is the most popular as it is visited by millions of tourists every year. This kingdom is located in the middle of Disney city and constitutes its most lively center, and the most important feature of it is the presence of Cinderella’s castle in its midst, with many special shows and famous games. The Kingdom of Magic is divided into 6 lands, each with its own activities and games. These lands are:[4]
  • EPCOT: (English: EPCOT) is an educational and technological entertainment city within the world of Disneyland, and it consists of 18 floors in a spherical shape, and it consists of two parts: the futuristic world that displays the most important scientific inventions, and an area where 11 countries display scientific innovations, for more than Where these innovations are coordinated in an artificial lake, visitors move from one innovation to another and from one country to another via boats.[5]
  • Hollywood Studios: These studios extend over an area of ​​135 acres, and it is one of the most important areas in Disneyland Florida. This area includes 6 main areas: Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, American Streets, Pixar District, Animation Courtyard, and Sunset Boulevard.[6]
  • Animal Kingdom: It is a huge zoo, with lions, African elephants, gorillas, and many exciting games. Visitors can also go on safari trips, take the bullet train through the woods, or go on adventures along the trails of discovery.[7]
  • Snow Lake Beach: It is a water park in Disneyland, a snow ski resort and at the same time a white sand beach to relax and swim in its hot waters. One of the most important attractions in this park is Mount Goshmore, and the rubber tube.[8]
  • Typhoon Lagoon: (English: Typhoon Lagoon) is another water park in Disneyland, and visitors can learn more about marine life through it, play waterslides, surf, jump with sharks and tropical fish, and other activities.[9]
  • Adventure Land: (English: Adventureland) is designed in the form of forests inspired by Africa, America, South and Tropical, and includes a group of games, including the mysterious and dark world of pirates, the boat that floats on the river and takes visitors on a journey through the forests, and the enchanted Tiki room.
  • Fantasyland: (English: Fantasyland) This land takes on a medieval-inspired character from Disney films, in which the small world, Peter Pan’s flight, the Seven Dwarfs train, and others.
  • Frontierland: (English: Frontierland) takes the visitor into the wilderness of the West, with Splash Mountain 50 feet high, the Great Thunder Mountain Railway, and others.
  • Tomorrowland: (English: Tomorrowland) is a land that takes a modern design to inform the visitor about the future, and what visitors do most there is horse riding, and there are some games such as space mountain, the orbit of the star Astro, and others.
  • Main Street: (English: Main Street, USA) It is a street that includes a group of restaurants and shops.
  • Liberty Square: (English: Liberty Square) The land has a design inspired by the American Revolution, including the Haunted Palace, Presidents’ Hall, and others.

Vision and plan to build Disneyland

Walt Disney used to take his two daughters to small parks on the weekends, and these trips inspired the artist Disney to build a clean and safe park for children to play with their parents, so he decided to build a specialized amusement park for entertainment and education at the same time, and he decided to set it up in California opposite Disney Studios, Until he found a suitable plot of land in Anaheim. And in order for Disney to build this city, he resorted to making a deal with the American company ABC, and through which he showed the scenes of building the entertainment city, and broadcast many of the city’s advertisements through the ABC channel, and at the opening he invited famous television and movie stars to be hosts at the opening and the first visitors to the city.[10]

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