Bukhara city

The city of Bukhara is one of the ancient Islamic cities with a history full of achievements throughout the ages. Among the most famous monuments in Bukhara are: the Dome of the Samanids, the Kalyan Minaret, the Namazgah Mosque, and the Malb Basin.

Where is Bukhara located?

The city of Bukhara is located to the west of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the course of the Zarafshan River in the continent of Asia. It is one of the largest cities of Uzbekistan, and is considered one of the most beautiful cities beyond the river. It is also characterized by its greenery; It is said that if you go up to its famous castle, you will only see greenery.

The reason for the name of the city of Bukhara

It is said that Bukhara is a word derived from (Bukhar) the Tatar-Mongol-Turkish word that they ruled in that period, and it means hermitage or monastery; Where a large Buddhist temple was found there, as it is called by other names such as: the land of copper, the honorable Bukhara, the city of merchants, and the great Bukhara.

Scholars have suggested that the word “Bukhara” is derived from the word “Bukhar” for the Tatar Mongols, and it means a lot of knowledge, which in fact was indicative of it; It is a city full of knowledge and eminent scholars, and at their head: Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ibrahim bin Al-Mughirah bin Bardizbah Al-Ja’fi, their master, nicknamed Al-Bukhari in relation to Bukhari, and he is one of the imams of hadith and the most trustworthy of them. Since at the time of his birth, Bukhara was a circle of science that taught biography and jurisprudence, and he was raised in a scholarly and religious family, and he is of Persian origins. -896 AD, and Bukhara produced scholars in medicine such as: the world-famous philosopher and physician Abu Ali Al-Hussein bin Abdullah bin Sina, known as Ibn Sina. In teaching the principles of medicine, he excelled in language, jurisprudence and the Prophet’s biography, and he has various books on it. He died in 428 AH – 1036 AD.

History of Bukhara

Bukhara was conquered in the year (54 AH) during the time of the Commander of the Faithful Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan – may God be pleased with them both – at the hands of Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad, but its people were characterized by breaking the covenant in all the opportunities they had, and when Qutayba ibn Muslim entered it in the year (86 AH) He brought the Arabs to it and settled them in it in order for its original inhabitants to take on some of the good qualities that exist in the Arabs, such as: preserving the covenant until death, and he also wanted Islam to spread in it, and he built the Great Mosque there, but in the time of the Russians when they attacked the city and took control of it, another emigrated from it. The princes were from the Uzbeks who entered it in the year 905 to migrate to Afghanistan, and he died there.

Where is Bukhara located?

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