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Bait Al-Maqdis, or as it is also called the House of Jerusalem, and also Al-Quds Al-Sharif, they all mean the city of Jerusalem located in the Palestinian state, and the city of Jerusalem is characterized by its very important geographical location. The chain of the central Palestinian lands, and this chain plays an important role in dividing the waters between the Jordan Valley from the east, and the Mediterranean Sea from the west, and this chain is linked between its north and south by main roads, penetrating the mountainous heights located in the far north, to the farthest In the south, in addition to the presence of several secondary roads, linking the Jordan Valley and the Palestinian coast.[1][2]

We find that the Valley of Hell, which is known as Kidron, is the one that surrounds the city of Jerusalem from the east, while the valley of Al-Rabbana, which is known as Hinnom, surrounds the city from the south, and there is Wadi Al Zabul that surrounds it from the west, Bait Al-Maqdis is an estimated distance from the Dead Sea By 22 km, the distance that separates it from the Mediterranean Sea is 52 km.[3]

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The first name given to Jerusalem since antiquity, i.e. more than two thousand years before Christ, was known as the name (Ursalm), and this is what came in the Egyptian letters known as the Tell el-Amarna letters, where this designation shows that the founder of this city is the leader Salem, who is of origin An Arab Canaanite, and it was also known through ancient Egyptian documents as (the city of peace), and that name was around the second millennium B.C., but it was soon attributed to the people who lived in it, namely the Jebusites, one of the branches of the Canaanites, to be called (Yabus), and then It became known as (Shalim), a name known to the god of dusk in ancient times, and then the Hebrews called this city (Zion) or as it is also known as (City of David), and it was known to the Greeks by a name of Hellenic Greek origin, which is (Heroselima), while the Romans They called it (Elia Capitoline colony), as for Islamic messages, especially in the medieval period, this city came with Elia and also (Elia), but it was also mentioned in the Middle Ages in Jerusalem, and the Arabs called it Al-Quds Al-Sharif.[4]

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