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Thursday July 2, 2020

Where are the eyes of Moses – -Mursal

Moses’ eyes is the name given to a group of eyes that are a source of fresh water, which has become one of the tourist attractions visited by visitors all over the world because of the dense palm trees surrounding it, and not only that, but many people visit it for therapeutic purposes Its water has many natural and mineral elements such as sulfur, sodium and other minerals useful in treating many diseases and health problems that a person may suffer from.

Where are Moses’ eyes located?

The eyes of Musa meet in an area in Egypt where it is separated from the Sinai, a distance of five kilometers, while it is far from Suez by a distance of thirtyfive kilometers, as well as it is far from the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi, a distance of sixty kilometers, which connects between the city of Suez and the Sinai Peninsula, which is Twelve eyes of water, all of which pump fresh natural water that is suitable for drinking, but after purification and purification operations.

It is worth noting that these twelve eyes are left of only five eyes in the current era, and seven of them have disappeared as a result of neglect while the remainder are (Ain alZahr, Ain alShayeb, Ain alGharbi, Ain alBaqbaqah, Ain alBahri) All of these eyes are still present but are free from Water The only eye that still pumps water is (Sheikh alSheikh) with a depth of forty meters, which has become one of the most important tourist and religious sites in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The reason for the disappearance of some of those eyes, and the others stopping to sacrifice the water, is due to the neglect it faced, and there were many warnings that those eyes would encounter what Pharaoh’s baths encountered, so that the result would be the disappearance of seven of Moses ’eyes inhabited by the trees of the ureter and the weeds. [1] [2]

The therapeutic benefits in Moses’ eyes

The eyes of Moses that God Almighty blew to his noble Prophet are of great medical and therapeutic importance as they help in healing many diseases including rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuritis, rheumatoid, and also treat many functional and nervous diseases, treatment of chronic gout, diseases Dermatology and respiratory disease.

Those immense therapeutic benefits are what made many tourists humping and aiming and who have resorted to the usual medical and pharmacological treatments without bringing them the results they were hoping for, and they will not have them while researching effective methods of treatment such as the sulfurrich eyes of Moses, sodium and other elements. With therapeutic properties that represent a miracle and a clear sign of God Almighty’s great ability.

Jordanian Musa eyes

There is what is known as the eyes of Moses in the state of Jordan in the province of Madaba in the region located above the foot of Wadi Suhaik, which is one hundred fifty meters below the sea level, as well as those eyes flatten by many mountains of high altitude and a dark color, and through the cracks rocks and waterfalls flow Which made it one of the most important tourist areas in Jordan, as it has fertile land and a mild climate in the winter, but very hot in summer.

The reason why Moses’s eyes are named in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is also due to the Prophet of God Moses, peace be upon him, as was the case in Moses’s eyes in Egypt when he hit the rock with his stick, and the eye exploded and the water came from it to followers of Moses who refused to obey the order of Pharaoh.

There are more than six Byzantine churches in the eyes of Musa, Jordan, and the remains of ancient ruins of palaces. As for the current era, the region has been cultivated with many types of trees, including grapes, olives, pomegranates and many varieties of fruits, which made many tourists flock to it from all beliefs and religions. It is worth noting that it is the first tourist attraction for the people and sons of the Madaba governorate, and other other governorates of Jordan, especially on Fridays and public holidays with the aim of enjoying the waterfalls of Laayoune and springs, as well as the cave with hot and cold water descending from the top of its foot.

Moses eyes events

Because of Islamic religious scholars appearance and the emergence of the eyes of Moses to the reign of God’s prophet Moses, peace be upon him, which mentioned the Qur’an in the verse “Having prayed for rain Moses to his people. We told Strike the stone exploded Twelve eyes have learned all the people Mcherbhm eat and drink of the sustenance of God not mischief in The land is corrupted ”(-Baqarah: 60), which made it with a high religious status, as it represents one of the greatest religious miracles, as it exploded after the speech of the words of God, Moses, with his Creator, the Most High.

The explosion was carried out by the stick of Moses that was used to graze the sheep and lean on them while walking, and it was in its explosion in compliance with the command of God, the Most High, the Wise, so that Moses’ followers who refused to follow the Pharaoh claiming the Godhead and enter into the religion of Moses should flee from the oppression of Pharaoh and his aides to Egypt from the Holy Land And God Almighty blew them with those eyes, so that they could drink and grow weeds, crops, and many palm trees.

Keep the eyes of Moses

The Egyptian Minister of Antiquities (Khaled Anani) confirmed, on a visit to Sinai, where he visited the eyes of Moses and what is being done by the development project that includes extending the area with the lighting that you need and the establishment of corridors and a walkway of a length of one thousand two hundred meters to facilitate tourist and medical visits to it, where the Minister of Antiquities confirmed that Oyoun Moussa is one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt, especially after a mission affiliated to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority revealed that it includes an industrial area dating back to the Roman era that specializes in pottery, and therefore it is necessary to preserve the rest of the source of fresh and curative water flowing from it and make it a healthy product for medical tourism.

Pharaoh baths

Frequently, there is confusion among some between the Pharaoh’s baths and the eyes of Moses, believing that the two names refer to one place, but the truth differs from that, as they are two regions close to each other but they are not the same, as the Pharaoh’s bath is a grouping of the natural and sulfur water eyes in Egypt and is located specifically in the city Abu Zenimah, South Sinai Governorate, south of the city of Ras Sidr, a hundred and ten kilometers from the city of -Tur, where Moses eyes are located.

Pharaoh’s bath is fifteen eyes from which hot water from the inside of a cave gathers in the heart of the mountain near a beach that has the body of blessing so that it pumps the equivalent of three thousand cubic meters per day and the temperature of the water emanating from it reaches ninety two degrees Celsius, which makes it classified among The hottest eyes of water in Egypt, which reach all of these eyes 1,450 wells, fountains and springs.

Hammam Pharaoh has a moderate climate throughout the year and the vast areas of sand that can be used for both curative and curative purposes, and due to its excellent location surrounded by a series of high mountains, a health tourism resort was established with its establishment in Egypt as well as the Middle East, which was designed as a center Specialized in environmental therapy that combines many activities, including tourism, sports and leisure. [3]

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