When should a diabetic resort to insulin injections?

  • Type 1 patients: insulin injections are taken from the beginning of the disease; This is because patients with type 1 diabetes have a semi-destroyed pancreas, so they need insulin.
  • Type II patients: The patient resorts to taking injections when other drug options fail, for example when the patient takes two or three types of diabetes medications and there is no response to treatment. Long-acting insulin can be added with the medications the patient is taking.

Sometimes, type 2 patients are given full doses of the blended insulin; It is fast-acting or intermediate-acting at an average of three doses per day; This is to control sugar, whether before eating or two hours after eating, or in the morning before breakfast; So that we get the level of sugar in the blood on an empty stomach from 90 to 110, and after eating two hours at a rate of 130 to 150, and the cumulative rate is 6.5 to 7%.

Dr. Mohamed Gomaa Ibrahim – Senior Consultant in Endocrinology and Diabetes

When should a diabetic resort to insulin injections? – Video

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