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Friday July 31, 2020

WhatsApp tests the conversations forever

The feature of permanently muting conversations appears in the test version of the WhatsApp app on the Android operating system.

Your link may be the humorous image that has recently circulated about a person celebrating the year of his joining a group conversation in WhatsApp, and he knew that after the silence feature was removed for a year since its status, well now WhatsApp is testing the permanent mute.

As you know, WhatsApp provides the ability to mute notifications from conversations for 8 hours, a week, or a year, but it is now testing to replace the year period to be permanent. This means if you choose it you will be able to mute any conversation forever.

This option may be useful for some, even though a year is a very long period, but you often find yourself obliged to join a group conversation but you do not want to see everything that is published in it moment by moment, so the option of permanent silence will be better than renewing the silence every year.

WhatsApp tests the conversations forever

Of course, the appearance of the feature in the application on the Android operating system does not confirm the necessity of its official launch, but at least we know that WhatsApp is testing it to see if there is use of it and problems accompanying it to fix it before the decision to launch it officially.

It is noteworthy that WhatsApp also recently tested the possibility of using the same phone number on four different devices at the same time with an option to manage and control those devices in addition to deletion and know the latest appearance.

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