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Tuesday October 20, 2020

WhatsApp tests making calls through the desktop app

Due to the Corona virus crisis, the world is communicating more remotely and there has been a boom in video communication applications and services, and WhatsApp wants to keep up with that by allowing calls to be made through computers as well.

The company had allowed an increase in the number of callers in the conference call to 8 people, and a screen shot of the application appeared confirming that the company is testing the ability to make and receive calls through its application on personal computers as well.

When someone calls you and you are using the WhatsApp application on the computer, a small screen will appear with the call control buttons such as accept and reject with the name of the caller and his personal photo.

Currently, you can make video calls through the WhatsApp application for personal computers, but as a shortcut to the Rooms feature for Facebook Messenger, this new test puts the feature directly in the WhatsApp application, which makes it much easier.

Considering the feature is still under testing, there is no confirmed information about its final official launch date for all users, and note that it is specific to the WhatsApp application and not the web version through the browser, which means that the application must be downloaded and installed on your computer to use it, and it also supports conference calls.



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