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Friday May 22, 2020

WhatsApp tests adding contacts via a QR code

One of the most frequent criticisms of WhatsApp is that it does not allow the user to maintain the privacy of his phone number unlike Telegram, for example, and this is about to change somewhat as WhatsApp started testing the addition of contacts via the QR code.

The feature appeared in the latest beta version on iPhone and Android and can be accessed from the settings menu where there is an option to display your QR code or scan someone else’s code you want to add.

Whatsapp QR

What is distinctive here is that you can change your own code and generate another code in case your code starts to spread and reach people that you do not want them to add to you thus the current symbol becomes ineffective.

QR codes are a better, easier and more personal way to add people as contacts, rather than get their phone number and add it to your phone’s contact record and then contact with them.

As usual, when WhatsApp tests a feature, there is no certainty that it will actually launch, or when it is expected to arrive. In any case, it remains a simple and important addition to WhatsApp that we hope to see, especially since the concept of adding people via a QR code has become something available in other WhatsApp services a long time ago.



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