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Sunday January 17, 2021

WhatsApp maneuvered and granted 3 additional months to approve its new policy

WhatsApp is maneuvering and gives an additional 3 months to approve its new policy

Although an application What’s Up Trying to reassure the billions of its users and confirm that chats and calls will remain encrypted, the application decided to give people more time before forcing them to accept its new terms.

The application’s owner, Facebook, has set a time limit that ends on February 8 to accept the new conditions, after which the account of those who do not accept them will be suspended.

The new policy allows for the integration of the WhatsApp application experience with Facebook, which means that some data will be shared with the social platform if the company you are chatting with uses a Facebook hosting service or if you decide to make payments via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp maneuvered and granted 3 additional months to approve its new policy

Likewise, the new policy allows companies to place the WhatsApp button on their Facebook page, allowing you to quickly email them using the application.

And the company decidedIn a move seen by most as a maneuver, it decided to give users more time to “understand” its new terms. So the deadline was extended beyond February 8, allowing the company to communicate more about its new policy and clarify its terms.

With that in mind, the ultimatum has been postponed to May 15th.

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