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Monday March 1, 2021

WhatsApp launches a new feature that many have been waiting for .. What is it?

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WhatsApp introduces a new feature to users. Get to know it

The “WhatsApp” platform recently launched a new feature to be applied on “Android” phones, as part of its endeavor to enhance privacy.

This feature comes amid the controversy raised by “WhatsApp” regarding the new privacy policy that it insists on implementing, and it has threatened users with punishing them through a series of measures if they do not agree to it.

Details of the new WhatsApp feature

An image showing the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone. Source: getty

According to reports, this feature allows the user to remove audio from the video before sharing it.

And the platform was published through its official account on “TwitterA tweet announcing the feature, stating: “For the sake of your eyes, not your ears, you can now mute the sound in your video clips before adding them to your status or sending them in the chat. The feature is now available on Android smartphones.”

The video editor will include on the “WhatsApp” application within “Android” phones a small speaker icon. When pressed, the video can be sent without sound to friends.

Amidst the multitude of digital breaches … How do you keep your data confidential on the Internet?

It is not unknown to everyone that the Internet has become an important part of our daily life, as many things are related to it, including our work and our correspondence, and sometimes our purchases of many needs, especially in light of the emerging Corona pandemic crisis and the need for many people to complete many of their tasks online, so In light of the large number of users of the Internet around the world, many Internet users today seek to maintain the confidentiality of their data when using this technology.

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