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Saturday January 16, 2021

WhatsApp delays the activation of the new privacy policy for three months

Following the massive opposition from users, agencies, and some governments to the new privacy policy recently launched by WhatsApp, and the displacement of a large number of other communication applications; The company temporarily reversed its decision and postponed the implementation of its established policies for a period of three months.

On Friday, WhatsApp announced the postponement of the new privacy policy for three months, after it was supposed to start its implementation on the eighth of February. However, the great wave of objection and dissatisfaction that spread among users; Conflicting information about the app violating their privacy and the forced sharing of their data with Facebook forced the platform to retreat.

The company clarified that the new update will not affect or affect users’ conversations or their personal account information and their sharing with Facebook. Noting that it targets business accounts in the event that the user communicates with the customer care services of companies through the work account in WhatsApp.

“We heard a lot about the great confusion and misunderstanding of our new policy update, which caused a wave of anxiety and we want to help everyone understand our main principles and facts,” WhatsApp said on her blog.

The owner of the largest communication and chat applications had added an explanation through her account on Twitter, which shows the company’s policy of dealing with users’ private conversations and that it is still encrypted and no one can view it or access the recordings, voice calls or location data, and the platform does not share contacts with Facebook as indicated Until the user can download his own data.

Amid this big problem and the declining popularity of WhatsApp, other social apps have had the lion’s share of the public opposing the policy. Where the Telegram application has gained more than 25 million users during the past few days, with the number of active users exceeding the threshold of 500 million.

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While a number of other users have turned to the Signal security messaging application for its great advantages in fully encrypting data; However, the notice is obligatory that all free applications benefit from the user’s data, which is the commodity to achieve profit, but the method of data collection and the method of passing it with satisfaction, re-marketing and selling it differs.



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