aircraft types

Airplanes are divided into several types according to their density, compared to the air around them:[1]

lighter than air

Examples include balloons and airships, which are filled with a gas that is less dense and lighter than air; Such as hot air, or hydrogen, or helium, inside their structures in sufficient quantity, it displaces the air surrounding it to float as pieces of cork float on the surface of the water, and there have been defects for this type of aircraft in terms of orientation and resistance to weather conditions; As happened in the United States with each of the airships Shenandoah, Akron, and Macon during storms, as well as the ignition of hydrogen in the German airship Hindenburg in 1937 AD.

heavier than air

Since this type of aircraft is heavier than the air around it, a sufficient energy source to provide thrust and lift is a must. Examples of this type are:

  • Kites: They usually have a flat hull with a tail attached to a string or rope, and the wind provides the lifting force.
  • Drones: These aircraft are remotely piloted, controlled by radio waves, and are used for scientific and military purposes.
  • Hang gliders: are structural aircraft in which the pilot is suspended under the wings; For the purpose of control, it starts from a high and high point, and is able to rise due to the upward currents of the load.
  • Civil aircraft: Any aircraft of non-military use is a civil aircraft, including private and commercial, and private aircraft are single-engine aircraft, and are used for the purpose of maneuvering and air shows,[1] Examples include commercial passenger aircraft, business aircraft, cargo aircraft, experimental and training aircraft.[2]
  • Warplanes: Examples of these aircraft are; Fighters, bombers, rescue planes, spy planes, and reconnaissance planes.[2]

The most famous aircraft manufacturers

There are many companies that supply aircraft, including the following:[3]

  • Airbus.
  • Boeing Corporation.
  • Bombardier Company.
  • Embraer Corporation.
  • Douglas Company.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation.
  • Sukhoi Corporation.
  • Irkut Corporation.
  • Comac Corporation.

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