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Monday December 2, 2019

What to do during the World Cup 2022 that will be held in Qatar

World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The fantastically expected Football World Cup will return in 2022 and this year, the host united states of America for the games in Qatar, an Arab us of a boasting bountiful beaches, dry deserts and ultramodern skyscrapers. Qatar is the smallest us of a yet to host the World Cup and if you’re planning to tour down to the Middle East for the football, take some time to find out what the glamorous Arabian U. S. A . has to offer. We’ve created the last guide for footie fans who will be journeying from all over the world to aid their use of an in the 2022 Football World Cup from November – December 2022. From the pleasant matters to do in Qatar, what to count on when you arrive and how to conform to the local culture, laws and the country’s conservative outlook, read our top recommendations and advice that we endorse to all footie fans.


If you’re obsessed with both traveling and football, then booking your flights out to Qatar for the World Cup is a no brainer. You’re guaranteed to have a blast (and hopefully experience a win for your national team too). However, there are definitely things to know before you go. Being an Arab country, there are some laws and rules that you will need to familiarise yourself with before 2022.

Qatar has a whole different set of laws to abide by. 


People should respect the dress code in Qatar during the World Cup 2022.

To westerners the dress code in Qatar may seem strict but it’s important to respect the local culture and traditions. Women travelling to the country for the World Cup should dress modestly in public. Remember to cover your shoulders and avoid wearing short skirts and low cut tops. Make long skirts, maxi dresses and linen shirts your go-to wardrobe pieces! Get yourself a couple of pashminas too so you can cover your shoulders when wearing any strappy tops.

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As for the male dress code, it’s respectful to wear shorts that come just below the knee or some lightweight trousers so you don’t get too hot.


It is against the law to drink alcohol or carry alcohol in public. Alcohol is available at licensed hotel restaurants and bars so you can have a drink (or few) to celebrate your team’s win there. Local restaurants and bars may or may not serve alcohol to be sure to check before you book a table.


Be careful when you’re out in public with your partner in Qatar. Showing intimacy in public is an offense and can lead to arrest. Public displays of affection that you should avoid include kissing, cuddling and even holding hands in some places. If you break these rules it’s not uncommon for a bystanding local to report you to the police. It’s best to be safe than sorry. 


The weather in Qatar is awsome.

The weather in Qatar for the Football World Cup will be nice and warm. You’re in the desert after all. In November the country experiences an average temperature of 24-25°C but you may see highs of 29°C. In December it gets a little more mild with temperatures between 19°C to 24°C which is still pretty warm compared to Europe. This is why the Middle East is such a great place to escape for some winter sun. Keep an eye out on this page for any updates, just in case the World Cup dates change.


Qatari riyals (QR) is the local currency for the State of Qatar. Make sure you exchange money before you arrive as carrying cash around in Qatar is important if you want to get anywhere. You’ll be able to use your card in most modern places, but for taxis, local transport and more traditional areas it’s best to have a little cash on you. 

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Of all the Middle Eastern countries, Qatar is the most open. Nationals from over 80 countries can benefit from visa-free entry into Qatar depending on their length of stay and reason for travel. Unless you’re staying for more than 30 days or you’re heading there for a reason other than tourism, this is likely for you. Head to the Visit Qatar website to check you’re eligible for visa-free entry.

Hamad International Airport is located just south of Doha and is likely to be your port of entry into Qatar. In 2019, HIA was ranked the 4th best airport in the world! To get into the city center of Doha by taxi it’ll take just half an hour, just make sure you have enough Qatari Riyals with you as they only accept cash.


Qatar Airways.

Many airlines fly to and from Qatar including British Airways, Qatar Airways, Iberia, Sri Lankan Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air India, Jet Airways and many more. Wherever you’re traveling from in the world, you’ll have no trouble getting to Qatar for the Football World Cup. Qatar Airways has a direct flight that goes straight from the UK to Qatar.


Ahead of the World Cup, Qatar will build 9 new stadiums and renovate 3, with the 12 venues divided among 7 host cities throughout the country. The 7 host cities are Al-Daayen, Al-Khor, Al-Rayyan, Al-Shamal, Al-Wakrah, Doha and Umm Slal. We will take you through the best things to do in each host city so you can squeeze some awesome sights and attractions during your football-packed trip.



Doha is the capital city of Qatar, and being home to three of the incredible impressive stadiums set to be built in time for 2022, many of you will find yourselves in the city at some point during the World Cup. Aside from watching some of the biggest games of the year (in stadiums that will make your jaw drop), Doha is full of things to do and unforgettable experiences. The city is a multicultural melting-pot with so much to offer. Mixing old-school, traditional Doha with new, modern skyscrapers, here are a few of the best things to do in Qatar’s capital.

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Sand dunes

Make the most of having a once-in-a-lifetime experience on your doorstep and book onto a sand dunes tour from Doha. Drive up and down the dunes in kitted-out 4 by 4s, try sandboarding and watch one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

Souq Waqif

Spices, traditional clothing, handicrafts, souvenirs… Weave through the narrow alleys of Souq Waqif and experience one of the most famous marketplaces in Qatar.

Pearl Qatar

Built on a former pearl diving site, architects and design-lovers will be in heaven. The huge, man-made island is a must-see in Doha.


Skydive over the spectacular desert and skyline views of Doha with Skydive Qatar.

Doha Corniche

The 7km promenade stretches along the blue water of the Persian Gulf and is packed with modern bars and restaurants as well as incredible views of the Doha skyline.

There are a lot of places you could visit during the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. To see more places click here.


Arab food.

You also have to try some dates (or buy some to take back home with you). Dates are a national specialty in Qatar. Arabic coffee is aromatic and unique so when you need a caffeine fix in Qatar, make sure to try some. Arabic coffee is brewed with dark coffee beans, spiced with cardamom and served with dates!

People from Qatar do not eat pork so it’s difficult to find pork meat throughout the country. Bringing in pork to Qatar from other countries is strictly prohibited. 

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