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Wednesday November 25, 2020

What messages does the latest bombing of Aramco carry? Military analysts explain

The World – Saudi Arabia

The targeting comes one day after the end of the G20 summit, which was held virtually in Riyadh on last Saturday and Sunday, and weeks after the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson Yahya Saree threatened to target the Saudi depth if the “aggression and siege on Yemen” did not stop. In addition to the timing of the strike, the secret meeting that brought together the Prime Minister of the Israeli occupation, Binyamin Netanyahu, with Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, in the Saudi city of “Neom”.

The expert and military analyst, Abed Al-Thawr considered that “the bombing at this time is of great significance. Yemen is serious and is going ahead with achieving qualitative strikes in the strategic depth, and it sends messages to the Saudi regime – perhaps the most frightening of the Saudi regime – especially at this time after the end of the G20 summit and the presence of a minister. US State Department Mike Pompeo ”.

Al-Thawr pointed out that “the qualitative operation came in light of the talk about a meeting between the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Netanyahu and the head of the Mossad in Saudi Arabia. crap”.

Al-Thawr explained that “the next stage will be difficult for the Saudi regime, and it will carry a comprehensive military stage in which strikes will be directed that may be the largest in the history of the battle.”

For his part, military analyst Mujeeb Shamsan explained that “the specific strike in Jeddah is a clear message to the aggression that all targets in Saudi Arabia will be targeted by the Yemeni missile forces and the air force, and they must study these options, stressing that the bank of targets is expanding and that the Saudi regime must take These warnings seriously, since the Yemeni force in general converts words into action.

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Shamsan pointed out that “Saudi Arabia is trying to market itself as a sponsor of peace through the G20 summit and present itself as a country with a presence, but the goals of the process conveyed a message that Saudi Arabia is not a safe environment for investment as it launches a brutal aggression against the Yemeni people and commits more crimes.”

The armed forces in Sana’a announced, in the early hours of last Monday, the bombing of an oil distribution station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a winged missile.

Today, Tuesday, an official in the Saudi Aramco company announced that Tanker has stopped operating, following the Yemeni attack on a station for the distribution of petroleum products in the north of Jeddah, stressing that the Ansar Allah movement is responsible for it. The Saudi official confirmed that the tanker that was damaged at the distribution station in Jeddah represented 10% of all stored fuel, but said that the customers were “not affected.”

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