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Friday February 14, 2020

What leads to weak car torque?

The problem of weakening the car’s torque is one of the most common problems facing car users, as it is the most prominent characteristic. The inability of the car to accelerate properly due to a defect in one of the engine parts, which results in a decrease in its ability and weakness in the car in general.

Although some believe that the car’s engine is its “beating heart” and that it has the largest role in the torque and launch of the car as it drives it completely from stability, there are other factors that can affect the car’s momentum.

According to the Saudi newspaper, “Saudi Auto”, through the following points, we can identify the most prominent problems that could cause the poor torque of the car:

Motion vector:

If the disc and cylinder are damaged, the transmission or the shift is considered one of the main causes of poor drag, which also results in an overheating of the engine.

Fuel pumps:

It is responsible for pumping gasoline in certain quantities in the combustion chamber to mix with the air in certain proportions. In the event of damage, the machine pumps less quantities than normal and this affects the car’s towing process.

Oxygen sensor:

It is also called a “sense of suspicion,” and is responsible for mixing air and gasoline in certain quantities, and is responsible for twice the towing of the car.

air filter”:

In the event that the air filter is clogged, this leads to a weakening of the car, and it must be cleaned continuously and changed after a distance of 20-25 thousand km.

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Air Gate:

The air gate is one of the main factors affecting car withdrawal, so it should be cleaned periodically from time to time.


Bugs and conductive wires must be changed every 40,000 km, due to the formation of a carbon layer with the bugs and the conductive wires after a period, which leads to the weakening of the spark that results from them.


One of the most influences on pulling the car, due to the lack of purity of the gasoline used, and therefore cleaning sessions must be made using gasoline cycle cleaners as well as octane with gasoline every period, taking care to change the gasoline filter on time.

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