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Saturday September 26, 2020

What is Toronto famous for?

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and it is the largest city in Canada and one of the most diverse cities, and this wonderful city is home to a dynamic mix of attractions, from museums and galleries to the worldfamous CN Tower, and do not forget the Toronto islands that Located off the beach, just a short distance from Niagara Falls, you will find nothing missing in Toronto as it has everything from shops, restaurants, to vibrant entertainment areas. [1]

What is Toronto famous for

Toronto has the best tourist places in Canada, and it is good in Toronto that it is possible to move around in the city center, as there are many of the best attractions within walking distance from each other, and there is a subway system to cover long distances in Toronto, and in the summer you can wander on Along the beautiful waterfront, and enjoy the beaches, [1] Toronto is famous for some tourist attractions such as:

  1. tower CN

This tower is a famous Toronto landmark, and its height is 553 meters, and it is one of the places that cannot be missed, which is a highrise tower located in the city center, and it is possible to take a trip to one of the observation areas, or nearby restaurants to get wonderful views of this tower. The CN Tower between 1972 and 1976, it was the tallest freestanding building in the world.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

It is one of the first museums in Canada, and it is considered one of the very distinctive places because it includes a wonderful collection covering natural history, art, and culture from various periods, collected from all over the world, and a modern wing characterized by glass and sharp corners was added in 2007, and it is now one of the most famous buildings In Toronto.

  1. Ripley Aquarium in Canada

It is one of the newest tourist attractions in Toronto, and it is located near tower CN , And displays all kinds of marine life, and it is one of the most famous things that you can do in Toronto with the family, and the most important thing that distinguishes this place is the huge underwater tunnel with a movable pier, which helps you watch the ocean world pass by around you, while sharks roam from Around you.

  1. Day trip to Niagara Falls

A quick day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls is undoubtedly worth a try, and the tour to Niagara Falls in Toronto is a great, easy way to see the beautiful falls. [1]

  1. Woodbine Beach

It is a huge sandy and rocky beach that provides the ability to swim in Lake Ontario, and there is a boardwalk that extends for several kilometers across Ashbee Bay Ridge, and provides other walking paths, parks, dog beaches, wooded areas, and in the summer there is crowded, and paddle board can be rented, swimming, and enjoyment Sunbathing, beach volleyball, and autumn is great for autumn strolls along Lake Ontario.

  1. St. Lawrence Market

This market is really a great experience, and the current building in which it is located was opened in 1902, and inside the market there are two floors with all fresh produce, fresh meats, seafood, cheese, prepared foods, wines, and sweets.

  1. Chinatown

There are many wonderful Chinese neighborhoods around the world, and you will find outdoor Chinatown stores, and there are all kinds of goods, and there are also amazing restaurants, and other places that make you enjoy the wonderful taste. [5]

  1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers distinguished scholarship programs, and it contains different levels of study, and the university, its colleges, and departments grant nearly 5,000 admission grants, with a value of approximately $ 23 million, and it also awards nearly 5,800 awards in the course of study. every year .

And theUniversity of Toronto scholarships are open for applications every year, and the University of Toronto ranked first in Canada, and 18th in the World University Rankings for 2021, and recently some other top Canadian universities that also offer scholarships have appeared, such as the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Alberta. [2]

9. Bata Shoe Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum is one of the most fun places to be with its large number of amazing shoes. Located on Bloor Street just north of the city center, the museum has done an amazing job collecting and displaying shoes from all over the world. [5]

Weather in Toronto

Toronto has a continental climate that is greatly altered, due to its proximity to the Great Lakes, and the average temperature in January ranges from the lowest to midtwenties Fahrenheit (about -4.2 ° C), and the wind chill factor can reduce the temperature significantly .

And in the summer, the average July temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 22.2 degrees Celsius); The prevailing westerly winds and the Great Lakes affect the precipitation, making them relatively equal throughout the year, reaching about 33 inches (834 mm) annually, but in the winter, the precipitation is in the form of snow, and it is more than 4 feet (131 cm). The city was hit by Hurricane Hazel in 1954, due to which Canada incurred losses estimated at one billion Canadian dollars, and lost 81 Canadians. [3]

Obtaining a tourist visa for Canada

If you want to obtain a tourist visa for Canada, you must fulfill some of the applications that are essential, and are required for any tourist visa to Canada, and these requirements include:

  • You must have a valid travel document, such as a passport.
  • You must be in good health.
  • You should not have any criminal convictions, or any immigration problems.
  • The immigration official must be convinced that you have certain reasons for returning to your country again, such as a job, a home, financial assets, or a family.
  • Convince the immigration official that you will leave Canada to return to your country at the end of the visit.
  • You must have enough money for the accommodation.
  • You may need to do a medical examination, and receive an invitation from someone who lives in Canada. [4]

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