Who does not wish to have shiny, strong and thick hair? Of course, everyone .. But achieving this goal is somewhat difficult, as we have to address all the obstacles that prevent this, chief among them: genetic factors and hair quality, but with Afghan cannabis oil, getting rid of these obstacles has become possible, so what is the way to use the oil Afghani for hair?

What is the way to use Afghani oil for hair?

How to use Afghani oil for traditional hair

Afghani cannabis oil has become very popular recently; As a result of containing a group of natural compounds that have an excellent effect on all types of hair, and if you want to use it, there are several methods, including the traditional method, which are as follows:

  • Before we proceed with the method of using Afghani oil for hair, we must make it clear that relying on crude oil extracted from the seeds or leaves, is definitely better and more effective compared to any industrial products in which the concentration of cannabis oil varies.
  • In the beginning, we must moisturize the hair before starting to apply the oil, by washing the hair, and then drying it well, so that the hair is not completely wet and is not dry.
  • Then, detangle the hair by combing it, and then divide your hair into two parts.
  • It is worth noting that you can divide the hair into more parts if you have thick and long hair; So that the oil can reach the scalp smoothly.
  • Before applying the oil, shake the bottle of oil, then distribute it on all parts of the scalp, and as for the amount of oil, make sure that it matches the density and length of your hair.
  • Massage your scalp for a few minutes; In order to be able to stimulate blood circulation in it, take care of distributing the oil over the entire hair from its roots to the ends.
  • After you are done, cover the hair with a plastic cap; In order not to absorb oil from the hair.
  • Leave the oil on the hair for at least 5 hours, and then wash it with water.
  • In order to get quick and excellent results, you must keep using the oil, at the beginning of use it can be applied twice a week, after that it is enough to use it only once a week.

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How to use Afghani oil for hair in a practical way

How to use Afghani oil for hair
How to use Afghani oil for hair

It is worth noting that the previous method is not followed by many, meaning that it is impractical for some, and the reason for this is due to the long time taken to implement it, so you can use Afghani oil for hair in this quick way, in which the oil is used as a hair conditioner, which are as follows:

  • Before shampooing, use a tablespoon of cannabis oil and start massaging the scalp well.
  • But make sure before applying the oil that the scalp is completely free of any oils, then leave the oil for about 10 minutes, and then wash it with water and shampoo.
  • In the event that you do not prefer to use it as an alternative to the conditioner, it can be mixed with any other oils you prefer for hair, such as: avocado oil, almond oil.

How to use the original Afghan oil

One of the ways that can also be followed when using cannabis oil is the following method, and one of its advantages is that it is easy:

  • In a warm bowl, an amount of the original Afghani oil is suitable for your hair.
  • Start by passing the oil between your hair strands, and don’t forget to massage the scalp for about 5 minutes.
  • You can wear a shower cap; To allow the hair to breathe.
  • Leave the oil for about two hours, then wash the hair with lukewarm water.

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How to use Afghani oil for the chin

How to use Afghani oil for hair
How to use Afghani oil for hair

Cannabis oil has proven its effectiveness in combating various hair problems. The reason for this is due to its viscosity that allows it to penetrate between hair strands, which results in hair gloss and softness. Therefore, it is recommended to use cannabis oil on the chin; In order to get a perfect chin, elegant, and free of spaces, as for the method of use, they are as follows:

  • In a pot heat a little Afghani oil.
  • After it becomes warm, using a cotton pad, apply the oil to the chin, especially the empty places, and massage for several minutes.
  • You will feel some heat radiating from your face, but it will quickly go away as soon as you wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • To get a perfect chin in a quick time, it is preferable to apply this oil on a daily basis.

How to use cannabis oil for cannabis

There is a large group of men who love to have large mustaches, and for that they spend a lot of money; to have mustaches of a certain size and shape; Because it is a guide to masculinity for them, it is worth noting that this can be achieved without burning pocket money by using Afghan cannabis oil as in the following recipes:

Cannabis oil, lemon and honey recipe

In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of Afghani oil, two tablespoons of white honey, and some drops of lemon juice. After making sure to mix all the ingredients together, apply the mask to the mustache area, then gently massage this area for about 30 minutes. You will then notice that the mask is completely dry, after That washes the mustache with lukewarm water, the recipe must be repeated twice during the week.

Cannabis oil, eucalyptus oil and sesame oil recipe

Two tablespoons of each of the previous oils are mixed, and after making sure that they are mixed together well, they are applied to the mustache, and then leave for about 2 — 5 minutes until the mixture dries, then rinse with water. This recipe is applied 3 times a week.

Cannabis oil, cinnamon and lemon juice recipe

In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of the above-mentioned ingredients, stirring well. To ensure the ingredients are mixed together, the resulting mixture is then placed on the mustache or chin with a light massage, after half an hour the face is washed with water, Repeat this recipe every day for a week to get the fastest results.

In conclusion… After we have learned how to use Afghani oil for hair, we must beware of excessive use; Because it may cause allergies and itching, in addition to hair breakage, we also advise not to use it by pregnant and breastfeeding women except after consulting a doctor.

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