Leek juice and milk

The redness that affects the face can be treated by mixing fresh leek juice with a quantity of fresh milk, then the skin is painted using the resulting mixture, especially for the skin of the infant.[1]

Avoid certain foods

There are a number of natural foods that affect the face and naturally give it redness, such as spices and caffeine, so it is possible to reduce the intake of these foods in large quantities to avoid this problem, and it is also advised to stay away from smoking, which is another cause of facial redness in addition to its many damages.[2]

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel naturally contributes to getting rid of inflammation and relieving some pain in addition to reducing redness that affects the skin, and it can be benefited from by extracting aloe vera gel from the aloe vera leaf and then applying it to the face twice a day to get the best results, and aloe vera gel can also be purchased From pharmacies without a prescription.[3]

Avoid sunlight

Sun exposure should be avoided in order to protect the skin from redness, as people with pink skin are particularly sensitive to sunlight.[4]

Avoid using cosmetics

Cosmetics of all kinds, such as makeup, cleansers, or even moisturizers, can contribute to skin irritation and redness. Good quality and anti-allergic products can be used to avoid redness.[4]

Facial Wash

It is recommended to wash the face once or twice a day using warm water, as cold water or hot water may irritate and redden the skin. If the skin has pimples with redness, it is recommended to use products that contain benzoyl peroxide among their ingredients.[4]

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What is the treatment for redness of the face?

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