What is the name of the sound of the hood?

The sound of a hoopoe is called a hoopoe or a hoopoe, and a hoopoe is also a mother singing to her baby until he sleeps. The hoopoe is also called a cooing.[1]

One of the names of the shy, lonely or solitary bird hoopoe, the color of the body of the hoopoe varies between chestnut and brown, and it has white and black wings, and its tail is striped in black and white, and on its head is prominent feathers that resemble the royal crown, and the length of the hoopoe bird is from 27 to 30 cm approximately .[2]

hoopoe food

The hoopoe feeds on insects, larvae, and spiders, meaning that it feeds on small invertebrates in general, through its hollow beak, which helps it greatly in obtaining its food.[3]

Information about the hoopoe

The following is general information about the hoopoe:[4]

  • The hoopoe is medium in size, with a relatively long tail, short legs, and has broad, rounded wings.
  • The weight of the hoopoe is from 38 to 89 grams.
  • The hoopoe lives in open areas with short grass, and in areas with few trees.
  • There is one species of hoopoe that became extinct in the year 1600 AD.
  • The hoopoe lives in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • It is found in dry, warm places with undulating or flat terrain.
  • When a hoopoe builds a nest, it uses it for several years.

Other information includes:[5]

  • The movement of the wings of a hoopoe is similar to the movement of the wings of a butterfly.
  • It needs a relatively cool climate in order to reproduce.
  • The female hoopoe secretes an unpleasant relief from her gland, which serves to deter predators and on the other hand, works to bring in insects.
  • The number of hoopoe eggs depends on the climate, and the number of eggs she lays can range from 7 to 12 eggs each year, with the eggs hatching after 15 or 18 days after incubation.
  • The average lifespan of a hoopoe is 10 years.

the reviewer

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What is the sound of the name hoopoe?

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