Science depends on materialism, facts, facts, and reason, while faith depends on the unseen. Belief in the unseen is the basis of belief in God. Faith in God, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and destiny is a belief in the unseen in another sense, but this unseen has connotations and signs that appear over all of existence. The universe was created alone or created suddenly, this universe in which everything runs according to a strange cosmic system that is similar in its system and differs in its forms, the general feature of the universe, for example, rotation, the earth revolves around the sun and the sun with its group revolves around what is greater than it, and in the atom also its particles Revolving around the nucleus, these organized movements preach a general idea that the system in the universe is one, and with the arrangement and care of one Lord, He created everything He created with an unparalleled creativity. .

From this section, we can see the close relationship between science and faith, as they are two inseparable twins. The more a person rises in his knowledge, he will definitely rise in his belief in God and his Oneness – the Most High – because knowledge reveals the facts and whenever the facts are revealed, the divine miracle that is unparalleled in the creation of this appears. The wonderful universe is vast, for this reason the scientist is many times better than the worshiper. How beautiful knowledge is when it is combined with faith. For this reason, for example, a doctor has a chance to be a believer more than others because of what he sees of miracles that God Almighty has placed in human bodies, as well as the science of nature ( The physicist), the chemist, the astronomer, and the musician, all of them have the opportunity to get to know God and get closer to Him than a hundred worshipers, due to what they have realized and become aware of of facts that the worshiper is unable to comprehend. He also tries to approach with his attributes the attributes of God Almighty, in pursuit of perfection and in pursuit of the truth that only God Almighty possesses.

For this reason and for other reasons, a person must strive in pursuit of knowledge, given the facts that will open before him and that will raise his status with God Almighty, and thus will raise his status among people, because whoever is loved by God Almighty endears his creation in him, and raises his value among the worlds.

What is the relationship between faith and science?

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