Humanity has not witnessed fierce wars that claimed millions of lives, as it witnessed in the twentieth century and specifically, in the first and second world wars, and the first on its great tragedies is lighter than the second, as the second is one of the most horrific wars on the level of humanity at all. It is a crazy war, total destruction, a war Mass genocide, a war whose first goal is annihilation, madness was its general characteristic, and the arrogance and tyranny that humans reached in this war have not witnessed before. The nuclear bomb is the dirtiest invention of mankind at all. Once thrown on a certain area, there will be no blood to shed. Humans will evaporate their blood!!!!

All of these conflicts are in light of the height of technological and technical progress that humanity has reached through its life spanning thousands of years. Arming and industry is an amazing thing that makes the wise man bewildered before him. This progress is a double-edged sword, sometimes it is used for the good of humanity and sometimes it is used for what is evil for humanity, as it appeared in the two world wars.

God created man to inhabit the earth, a broad, traditional word with its correctness. God created the universe long before the creation of man, estimated at millions of years, then created man, so that he would be his successor on this earth, and preserve it, and provided him with the mind and spirit to help him overcome what stands in his way of Difficult situations, and to help him progress and develop. But the most important thing is that God created man to inhabit the earth by reaching him, and knowing him through his manifestation in his creatures. God Almighty wants man to be constantly searching for perfection and the absolute truth that only God Almighty possesses. The Almighty, whenever he is able to reach a state he has never lived before, a state that makes him a beacon to all around him.

The goal of human creation was not killing, destruction, absurdity and madness, rather the goal is for people to protect each other, take care of each other, and take each other’s hands. A person’s attainment of the desired progress and development happened unimaginably, for the ugliest of humankind appeared…

What is the purpose of human creation?

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