Baby’s normal temperature

The normal temperature of the child is between 36 to 37.2 Celsius, but it varies from one child to another. When the child’s temperature reaches 37.5 degrees and higher, a fever occurs and there is a rise in the child’s temperature. Therefore, the child must be monitored well, especially before the start of speech and the ability to express.

Things may happen with children that they cannot talk about, including heat, as he cannot distinguish if his temperature is high. When you notice the redness of the child’s cheeks or excessive sweating or the child’s body temperature rises when touching him, he must directly measure his temperature and take the necessary action.

Methods for measuring a child’s body temperature

The temperature of a child is measured in the following ways:

  • In principle, touching the child’s forehead or back. If the mother notices something unfamiliar, she should use the thermometer available in many pharmacies. There are safe and accurate digital thermometers. The thermometer is placed under the child’s armpit for 15 seconds, and a half degree increase over the read result.
  • The ear thermometer can be used as it allows to measure the temperature of the child from the ear. This is a quick and accurate method, but such scales are very expensive and can give a false reading if they are placed in the wrong way.
  • It is not recommended to use a mercury thermometer, as it is very dangerous for adults and children. Mercury inside the thermometer may be broken and volatilized. It is known that mercury is a very toxic substance.
  • The temperature of children can be measured from the anus, and this method is most often used for infants. The thermometer is inserted at a distance of less than 1 cm and the scale remains for 3 minutes, and half a degree is subtracted to obtain the correct temperature reading.
  • The temperature is also measured through the mouth, where the thermometer is placed under the tongue and the temperature is taken as it is.

The dangers of high and low temperature of the child

The child’s high temperature is not a disease in itself. Rather, it is a symptom that indicates a defect in the body. It is preferable when the child’s temperature rises to give him medicines that contain paracetamol, wash the child’s body with lukewarm, not cold, water, and loosen his clothes.

A child’s body temperature is one of the most important things to monitor. Just as its high is very dangerous, its decrease is more dangerous. A child’s temperature below 36 degrees Celsius may lead to unconsciousness, loss of concentration and trembling, and may cause cardiac arrest and death, and heat can It decreases when exposed to cold currents and exposure to extreme cold for a long time.

What is the normal temperature of the child?

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