Scientist Charles Babbage

The English mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage was born in 1791 AD in England. He is credited with creating the first conception of a digital computer. In 1812, Babbage helped found the Analytical Society, which aimed to introduce developments in mathematics from the European continent. At the Royal Society in London, where he had a major role in establishing the Royal Astronomical and Statistical Societies, Babbage died in 1871 AD in London.[1]

Charles Babbage Achievements

In the 1930s, Babbage made the first attempt in the world of analytic engines, where he developed the difference engine, which was followed by the analytic engine, and the following is a detail for each of them:[2]

difference engine

Babbage was a member of the British Royal Astronomical Society, and astronomers had to do many long and difficult calculations that take a lot of time, and the error rate is very large, so Babbage sought to create an automatic device capable of doing all these calculations without errors, so He decided to try to produce the so-called Difference Engine, as he sought to develop this engine to perform arithmetic operations on numbers consisting of more than 20 digits, and he used the decimal system from 0-9 instead of the binary system, and was able to invent a device capable of It can do complex arithmetic operations and can store results as well.[2]

Analytical Engine

The Analytical Engine was a huge step up from the Difference Engine, as it was a device capable of calculating many complex problems, whether digital, mechanical, or automatic, that were controlled by variable programs. A computer was built, where the analysis engine included four basic parts: The factory in which the calculations were carried out, which is called the central processing unit (CPU), the store in which the recorded information is saved, which is the memory, and the reader that allows data to be entered, which is the keyboard ), in addition to the printer.[2]

Notable computer inventors

There are many great inventors who have been credited with shaping the computer industry, and the most important of them are:[3]

  • Douglas Engelbart: Inventor of the first computer mouse.
  • Steve Wozniak: Who was credited with inventing and developing the first computer at Apple.
  • Hedy Lamarr: She pioneered the spread spectrum technology that is used in many applications today.
  • Grace Hopper: who helped create the first programming languages ​​such as COBOL.

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