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Tuesday January 26, 2021

What is the message of the latest ISIS war of attrition in Iraq and Syria?

The world – what do you think

Observers believe that the Wahhabi ISIS organization was in hiding and that the former US president, when he declared victory over him and eliminated him completely, was not sincere. Rather, ISIS terrorists were hidden underground while he is still under American eyes, so that it can be invested at a later time.

They pointed out that the experts confirmed that ISIS has returned to hide underground, and that its renewed attacks against the Syrian army are all coming from the areas controlled by the Kurdish Qasd forces allied with the Americans.

They clarified that the Syrian army and the forces allied with it are not allowed to pursue ISIS remnants to the places from which it is launched, and they wondered how ISIS has become with magic magic that has the ability to launch attacks, ambush and kill?

They stressed that the ISIS investment project was an American project, which is expanding like an oil slick under the eyes of the Americans, noting that it appears that there are parties after the transformation of the American leadership, the end of the Trump era, the start of Joe Biden’s term, and talk about the possibility of returning to the nuclear agreement, perhaps parties in America. In the Israeli entity, and those associated with it, they wanted to reignite the war of attrition through ISIS and its sisters and invest in it.

On the other hand, military experts confirmed that when the Syrian army defeated thousands of terrorists from the Wahhabi ISIS organization from the areas they occupied, they reached the eastern outskirts of Deir al-Zour, meaning the Iraqi-Syrian border, and surrendered to the American forces and the separatist SDF.

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They said: After their surrender, these terrorists were transferred to three places, the first place is Al-Hol camp, which is located in Hasaka under direct guard of the separatist Qasd militia, and the second place is the Al-Tanf area occupied by the United States of America and the Rukban camp, and the third area is Wadi Al-Aziz in the northern countryside. Western Hama Governorate, the area separating Hama, Aleppo and Idlib.

They explained that these terrorist groups have been completely restructured during the past two years, and the method of ISIS has changed after it occupied the lands and declared its caliphate there, now it adopts the method of combat doctrine, as it began to be seen two months ago with the intensive return of ISIS operations and its spread in the Syrian and Iraqi Badia.

They considered the terrorist groups that they are not sleeper cells, but rather combat groups that are secured logistically by the American occupation forces and the separatist Qasd forces towards the crossing point between Syria and Iraq to achieve the goals of separating the two countries and to achieve the political goals of the United States of America and the Kurdish organizations.

For their part, political analysts emphasized that the Wahhabi organization’s targeting of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, because it knows very well that the real force on the ground is the Popular Mobilization Forces and therefore any targeting of the crowd sends a message that it exists, especially in areas where the military effort is weak and in large areas on the island Anbar, which calls for strengthening the military and logistical capabilities to eliminate ISIS cells.

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They explained that everyone knows that ISIS is financed in the Gulf, in addition to its support with American-made weapons, and that it facilitates their entry into the Syrian and Iraqi lands.

They added that the US administration wants certain things and ISIS is a game and toys in the hands of the Zionist American circles that are provided with the means to strike the security stability and the great victory that took place in Iraq against ISIS, but they ruled out re-ISIS as it was in the past and to bring down the cities, calling for strengthening the intelligence effort of the Iraqi forces.

what do you think..

  • Why do you want to revive ISIS in Syria and Iraq?
  • In the interest of whom does the terrorist organization return to move militarily and on security grounds?
  • Does using it as a new pressure tool achieve the desired?

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