In its simple definition, a system is a group of interacting elements. In order to achieve a specific goal. The system is not a system in the presence of one thing or an individual order, there must be more than one party in order for the system to be formed. And order is present in all aspects of our lives without exception, and even in human relations; There must be a system that the parties adopt and follow. Order is also a kind of arrangement. We often hear that a person is very organized, that is, he organizes and arranges his own things in a good way. Some may say that this relationship is only one person, but on the contrary it is several parties, the system is between several parties and not people. The woman arranges her home; It is a relationship between a woman and everything that is in the house. A man’s arrangement of his work matters, a relationship between him and everything related to his work, and so on.

The electronic system is a system, because it is an interaction between a group of elements to achieve the goal for which this program was designed. The accounting program is an accounting system, whose goal is to collect all the entries of entries, bonds and transactions in one crucible; To get the final result of the company’s business. This is evidence of the interaction of the elements and obtaining the result. The absence of a system negates the existence of a goal, as the result of the system is the achievement of a specific goal.

The design of the system begins with setting the goal first, and the system – figuratively speaking – is the road map to reach this goal. The traffic system, which was intended to reduce horrific traffic accidents; Loss of life and money. This goal led to the work of the Traffic System, which regulates all matters relating to this matter. The companies’ internal system is one of the wonderful systems and evidence of the same issue. The goal of each facility is to achieve the highest profits while paying the least expenses, and this is something that is guaranteed by the companies’ internal regulations. It lays down the simplest, easiest and least expensive ways to achieve the highest possible return, which is the ultimate goal for all establishments.

How do you know you are successful? Success is measured by the percentage of achieving goals, you measure your success in proportion to the goals you have achieved for yourself, and designed your way to reach your goals. If your goals are the design of someone other than you – as it is found in abundance in our society – such as your parents or one of them designing your way for you, then you enter the College of Engineering so that this is said the father of the engineer, or the College of Medicine so that it is said that the son of So-and-so is a doctor; And you have achieved these goals, you are not successful, you are the success of others, you achieve goals other than yourself, and perhaps against your will. And if you have set goals for yourself to become like someone, then you are an imitation of success and not success, because you will continue to live in the shadow of that character; You will not see the light even if you stand under the sun on a July afternoon.

Success is achieved after setting goals; By designing the path to this end, you cannot reach your destination while you are still there. designing the path to achieve the desired end; It is what we call here the system. Your own system that guarantees that you will become what you aspire to, achieve your goals, and reach levels that only you have attained, not because you are the son of so-and-so, nor because so-and-so did such-and-such, nor because society demands this thing, but because you knew what you wanted, and decided what you would become. and chose the way; You got what you want. This way to get there is what we call “the system”.

What does order mean?

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