What is the importance of designing an advertising video for your business?

One individual consumes about 100 minutes a day browsing videos online, according to YouTube statistics at the beginning of this year, so designing an advertising video for your business is a necessary option for your business, as creating an advertising video contributes to increasing the spread, expansion and reach of a wider audience, which means achieving your goals commercial.

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What is advertising video?

One of the easiest ways to reach the audience, and it is intended to advertise a product or service through video, and it appears before, during or after the visual content. And grab his attention, when the ad video interrupts the viewer’s browsing, he often gets upset and tries to skip it.

The importance of designing an advertising video for your business

In addition to the effectiveness of advertising videos, there are many other advantages and benefits in advertising video for marketers and entrepreneurs, and most of these advantages are concentrated in three points, namely:

Due to the dynamic nature of ad videos, videos attract viewers more than static images, with 54% of consumers wanting to watch brand videos.

Videos have great flexibility, as there are different types of videos to achieve different goals, the advertising video can focus on gaining customer trust or achieving spread, and other marketing goals.

  • Shareable

Videos are more likely to be socially shared than still images. Sharing means more outreach and free access to a larger audience, with the trust that comes from the video participant, and it’s easier to share an ad video if it’s engaging and delivers real audience benefit.

Internet advertising video design

Customizing the advertising video design for some electronic platforms contributes to increasing interaction and proximity to the target audience, and an online presence is required for most businesses at present; Which contributes to increasing the investment return, doubling customers and acquiring new segments of them.

In order to ensure a strong and effective presence on the electronic platforms, you need to determine the main goal of your presence and define the specifications of the target audience, then choose the advertising platforms on which your audience is heavily present, because the audience of Facebook and Instagram applications is different from the audience of Twitter and LinkedIn or users of Snapchat and Tik Tok applications.

Once you have identified the electronic platforms, you can start creating the advertising video according to the nature of the platform, the size and length of the allowed videos, and the advertising message that you will focus on. .

Make sure to build a strong relationship with your audience and make them linked to the business page and constantly watching your videos through service videos that help them solve the problems they face and are related to the nature of your activity, and these videos may result in purchases without the need to provide a direct sales message.

Here are some quick tips on creating an ad video for different online platforms:

Types of advertising video design

There are many classifications and options for advertising video. The advertising video design can be classified according to the needs of the target audience, according to the stage in the customer journey, or according to your goals or the customer’s goals. Here are the most popular types of advertising videos:

1. Linear advertising video

It is the most famous type, where the advertising video appears before, during or at the end of the basic visual content that the viewer sees, and carries promotional messages for a service or product, and the video may invite the audience to interact by clicking on a link, downloading the application, scanning a QR code or stimulating The audience through a specific offer or discount, such as: advertising videos on YouTube, and advertisements that permeate various programs on television.

2. Non-linear advertising video

They are videos that open on a new page and do not interrupt the main video, and if the viewer does not want to complete or watch the ad video, he will simply close it and continue browsing, and the content of ads is not related to the nature of the original content that the user is watching, for example: advertising videos that appear on websites and the web Which opens in a new window.

3. Bonus ads

It mainly targets fans of electronic games, as it offers them points, additional tools, or additional playing time as a result of watching the ad video, and it often does not exceed 30 seconds, examples of which are: ad videos that appear while playing on different mobile applications.

4. Native ads built into the original content

They are part of the main content that the viewer sees, and they usually appear at the end of the content, and they are more likely to be viewed by the target audience than any other type. The videos are on YouTube and spread in the influencers’ videos.

5. Purchase ad video

It encourages users to buy a specific product or service, through a link or a discount code that appears once the advertisement ends, and this type is spread in most applications and websites, and focuses on products that you usually browsed previously and did not complete the purchase.

6. Native Video

It is an advanced type of advertising video design, which gives the user complete control over the browsing and viewing experience, and an original copy of the video is dedicated to the platform or advertising medium published on it, meaning that the advertising video on Facebook, for example, is original and not shared from YouTube or any other platform, which It gives an optimal viewing experience.

Tips for creating a professional advertising video

There are a number of key tips for creating an effective advertising video:

1. Personalized ads

Designing an advertising video for the audience according to the analysis of user behavior across the business website, so that the user is retargeted with advertising videos about the products or services that he showed interest in, and these videos appear on different platforms while browsing them, for example: videos of products that you browsed on purchase applications Ex: Amazon.

2. A short ad video

Due to the large number of advertisements and content that the audience is exposed to, it becomes more difficult to arouse their interest and focus and the time required to convince them is shorter. Therefore, it is recommended that the length of the ad video should not exceed 15 seconds.

3. User Generated Content UGC

Content that your audience creates or champions enhances credibility and trust for new or potential customers, so once they see reviews and opinions of actual customers or content created by them, they will become more empathetic and engaged with the products and services offered.

4. Suitable video for phone

Users are getting more and more connected to their phones from time to time, so in order to reach the audience you need to be where they are active and create advertising videos suitable for mobile browsing, and not rely on other advertising means only.

5. Diversity between video and photos

Make sure to create an interesting and not boring advertising video so you don’t lose your audience’s interest, and diversifying between images and videos can keep your audience’s attention for longer, and make your content stuck in their minds and not easy to forget. Your ad may end up buying or receiving the service after a while.

Professional advertising video design requirements

Finally, it’s time to create a powerful video ad capable of achieving goals for your business. Therefore, you need a number of basic services in creating the advertising video, which are:

1. Design and Graphic Works

Any business needs design services in its various stages, starting with the design of the logo and commercial identity, and even the design of characters or various basic elements; To create a powerful advertising video, you can browse the various design services and graphic work on Fiverr and choose the one that suits you from them, with prices starting from only $5.

2. Photography

Depending on the nature of your product or service, you can decide if you need professional photography for your products or workplace, or just design and graphic work for your project. During the filming stage, you should focus on choosing appropriate photographic cadres that highlight the advantages of your product or service, and it is preferable to use an experienced director to best show your project and your brand.

3. Script writing

One of the necessary steps to create a professional and distinctive advertising video is the step of writing the script, which appears in the coherence and smoothness of the video at the end, so that it does not appear as a random grouping of unconnected clips, in addition to specifying the phrases written on the video or the text that will be recorded by the voice commentator. So, be sure to request a script writing service for your ad video.

4. Motion Graphics

If you choose to create an advertising video of the type of motion graphics, you have a wide range of motion graphics services on Fiverr at varying prices that suit your budget, whatever your budget, and you can view the reviews of previous buyers of the service you wish to request, while ensuring all your rights by Fiverr.

5. Voice commentary

One of the advantages of the advertising video is that it includes an audio background, and it is better to take advantage of it and not create the video without sound, but use all the elements of the video to serve you, so the audio commentary can contribute to adding value to the content of the visual video, supporting it and clarifying the clips or sequences in the video.

6. Montage

The step of modifying the advertising video is one of the most important steps that cannot be skipped, no matter what your main source in the video is from live clips, motion graphics, or a combination of both. Or an appropriate audio commentary and adjust it with the movement and speed of the video, and you can browse the various montage services through Fiverr.

In the end, the advertising video design contributes to enhancing your various marketing messages, so do not be satisfied with other means of advertising, and start creating a strong advertising video for your activity, especially since most electronic advertising platforms increase the reach of your ads to a wider audience if you use advertising video.

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