The highest degree of love

Infatuation is considered the highest degree of love, which is madness in love, where the lover feels crazy and illogical feelings when he reaches this degree in love, and the person reaches this stage of love after a long period, so that the lover gives all his emotions and feelings to his beloved without consideration Linguistically, the word hyam means death or annihilation; Because the lover perishes in happiness and bliss after finding his lover, reaching him and living with him, and the literal meaning of death does not mean physical death, but rather spiritual or intellectual death, so the lover after reaching his beloved feels that he does not want anything and does not need care after that.[1]

Other degrees of love

There are other degrees of love that precede infatuation, and they are as follows:[2]

  • Al-Wala: It is the penultimate degree of love and it comes directly before the infatuation. For the Arabs, it is one of the advanced stages of love, and the love is in the absence of happiness from the lover during the distance and absence from his beloved, for the life of the lover is linked to the presence of his beloved.
  • Ten: The degree of ten is similar in principle to the degree of friendliness; But the ten takes a period of time, and it occurs after a period of marriage, so that one spouse cannot abandon the other, as the ten takes the place of feelings of love, adoration, and other degrees of love.
  • Intimacy: the lover reaches the level of intimacy after a long period of time, and after he has passed many stages of love, and intimacy is the basic degree of love in marriage; It is what achieves balance in the relationship between spouses, and friendship is a stage of pure love free of exaggerated feelings.

definition of love

Love is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a sentimental emotion stemming from the mind, as Dr. Sahba Muhammad Bunduq defined it in one of her books as a highly sublime emotional experience, and feelings of love are closely related to feelings of security and warmth in a private world full of happiness and pleasure, and the word love is one of the greatest words you hear. The ears are felt by the heart, to the extent that Sheikh Ali Al-Tantawi said about love: There is no one among people who does not know love…and there is no one among them who knows what love is.[3]

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What is the highest degree of love?

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