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The Guinness Book, or the Guinness Book of Records: It is a widely known book, published in several languages ​​every year since 1955 AD. It specializes in displaying a set of recordings in different fields, as these recordings provide records recorded by their owners, as they achieved numbers with which no one has ever been before. That he reached it before them, or they did things that no one had ever done before, such as achieving several titles, such as: the tallest man in the world, the richest person in the world, the fastest person, and others,[1] This entertaining book looks at success in an unorthodox way; It helps people around the world; To discover what is special about them, without being restricted to the common traits of success, as it is a book that aims to inspire readers from different countries, without looking at their nationalities, and without any bias, in addition to pushing them to participate in breaking records,[2] It is worth noting that the United States recognizes the Guinness Book by 97%, noting that the book is achieving huge sales today; The number of copies that have been sold in 100 countries around the world has reached nearly 136 million copies, and the programs that are broadcast on television, garner a number of viewers of up to 750 million viewers annually, in addition to the fact that the company always seeks to search for unique ideas, and achieve For the entertainment of millions of people around the world, it is important to mention that the company is headquartered in London.[3]

Guinness book history

The story of the Guinness Book of Records began with a sweet incident with Hugh Beaver; Managing Director of Guinness Brewery; He went out with his friends in 1951 on a hunting trip to Ireland, and while trying to hunt birds in the wild, Hugh Beaver could not hunt any golden plover, despite his advanced hunting ability, so he told his friends that birds in Europe may be faster than others. Of birds, and when Beaver returned to his homeland, he looked for a book that would provide him with information about the location of the fastest birds, but he did not find any book dealing with this subject, so Beaver decided to establish an encyclopedia containing record records, and after completing this encyclopedia in 1954 AD, he named it The name (Guinness Book of Records), then entrusted two people with the task of searching for marketing for his book, as the idea was summed up in him by distributing his book for free; For publicity, then the first issue of the book appeared in 1955 AD, where 50,000 copies were sold, and the demand for the book increased, so 3 new editions were printed within 12 months, and at the present time the Guinness Book is one of the most famous books around the world. [4]

How to get into the Guinness Book

The book receives approximately 65,000 records requests each year.[4] It is a passion for many people around the world, and it is worth noting that if someone wants to get into the Guinness Book, he must do the following:[5]

  • Search carefully in the Guinness Book of Records; To know whether he has the skills necessary to break previous numbers, but if he wants to register a new record idea, he must make sure that no one before him has recorded it, and this can be verified by carefully browsing the database of world records.
  • Choose the field he wants to enter, choose a record, and train well; So he can break it.
  • Submitting to the Guinness Book of Records, and waiting for their response regarding the acceptance or rejection of the application, and in the event that the application is rejected, the company sends with the refusal an explanation of the reason.
  • adherence to laws and knowledge of the requirements for presenting evidence; That is why the company offers three main ways to provide evidence, which are:[6]
  • Obtaining intensive training after accepting the application, as the company sets a specific date, and arranges the presence of witnesses and photographers.
  • Submitting the evidence that has been recorded to the company, so that the evidence is reviewed by a specialized team, and this process may take 12 weeks.
  • Entry of the record into the Guinness Book of Records after the results of the audit process appear, or the holder continues to try.
  • Information: provide the necessary information; To indicate the validity of the record recorded by the person.
  • Registrations: Submit all necessary registrations; to prove the record.
  • Witnesses: The process of proof requires the presence of at least two witnesses, so that the witness is experienced, certified, and specialized.

Some Guinness Book Records

The Guinness book contains many records with strange or creative topics, and among the most unusual numbers recorded in the book are the following:[7]

  • Most McDonald’s burgers eaten in a person’s life: American Donald Gorsky set a record for the number of burgers he ate during his 44-year life; With a total of 28,788 Big Macs, Gorsky told Guinness that he eats 14 burgers a week, and that during his life he hasn’t eaten a burger only 8 days.
  • Most Basketball Shots of a Parrot in a Minute: Zack the Parrot of California hits 22 rubber balls in a 60-second period, and this bird entered the book; For setting a record for opening 35 cans in 60 seconds.
  • The largest water projection screen: The Dubai Festival in the UAE was able to enter the Guinness Book of Records, by breaking the record for the largest projection screen on water; Where the light projection area was 893 square meters, and the projection was at an angle of 360 degrees over the water of 30 fountains.
  • The largest number of dancing robots at one time: China’s (WL) Technology Intelligence Company organized a huge show for the largest number of dancing robots simultaneously, as the number of dancing robots reached 1069, where they performed a dance with coordinated movements.
  • Atop a sand castle: The Indian artist, Sudarsan Patanek, used 3,500 tons of sand that was transported by 168 trucks to the beach of Puri Odisha, and worked for a month to build a sculpture in the form of a palace that was 16.68 meters long.

Strange records video

What do you think about achieving a Guinness World Record without getting tired of planning for it? It has already happened to many people! Watch the video to know their stories

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