Writing poetry is a talent that some people lack. Writing poetry is a type of Arabic literature. Where many poets excelled in the era of pre-Islamic era, such as the poet Imru al-Qays, Antara bin Shaddad, Zuhair bin Abi Salma, and other geniuses of poetry whose poems were distinguished by their generosity.

In the past, poets committed themselves to writing vertical poetry, which consisted of two halves. And what is free verse? and What is the difference between them?

Vertical hair concept

This type of poetry is considered the main root of Arabic poetry, from which other types of poetry have branched off. Vertical poetry consists of verses, and one verse consists of two parts: the first part is called the chest, and the second part is the deficit. And others. Examples of vertical poetry include the beginning of the commentary of the poet Zuhair bin Abi Salma:

Is a mother more faithful to a woman who has not spoken?

free verse concept

This type of poetry takes its name Nassib; It is the type that does not adhere to the form and rhyme, but remains on a single activation, and consists of poetic verses and each verse consists of one part. And the poet Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, and Nazik defined the meaning of free poetry. It is poetry whose verses consist of one line and does not have a fixed length and is based on the unity of the activation and the smooth and simple meaning. Examples of this are the beginning of the poem The Moon Tree by Nazik the Angels:

On top of the mountains of the north, overgrown with pines

The difference between free hair and vertical hair

  • Vertical verse adheres to two parts, while free verse consists of one stanza or one line.
  • Vertical poetry is characterized by the unity of rhyme, poetic sea, form and content. As for free poetry, it departs from the traditional form that vertical poetry adheres to.
  • It is permissible to reduce some verses of the poem to free verse without affecting the meaning and literary taste.
  • Free poetry appeared near the periods of emancipation and openness to the West; In many poems, we find many terms that may be alien to the Arabic language. As for vertical poetry, it was distinguished by its grace and its writing by poets who were inspired to write it from the environment that surrounds them.

What is the difference between vertical hair and free hair?

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