awareness concept

types of consciousness

The types of awareness are as follows:[2]

  • Spontaneous Awareness: This type involves people performing certain spontaneous activities that do not require great mental effort and thinking.
  • Reflective awareness: It is opposite to spontaneous awareness, and it requires strong thinking and mental presence, and depends on higher mental abilities; Such as intelligence, perception, and memory, and it prevents a person from engaging in any other intellectual activity.
  • Intuitive awareness: It is sudden direct awareness that allows us to understand things and relationships, and does not require the ability to provide evidence.
  • Moral normative awareness: This awareness provides the opportunity to make judgments and evaluate things and behavior, by accepting or rejecting them, and this type is usually related to the extent to which we feel responsible to ourselves and to others.
  • Awareness of the matter: It means that a person has his own ideas, views, and own concepts about life and its affairs, and the nature of what is going on around him, and this awareness may be wrong when those thoughts are incorrect and do not match reality. The scientist Hegel sees that man is the only being aware and certain of his existence and himself, given that he is found in the same things in which the elements of nature are found. As for other things, they do not exist except in one way.

The limits of consciousness

Scientists’ theories and their views on the limits of consciousness differ from one world to another, and these approaches differ in terms of the levels of human knowledge. Marx said: (People’s awareness is not the thing that determines their existence, but rather their social existence that determines the extent of their awareness), and thus he considers awareness a negative reflection of reality; Awareness can affect reality by contributing to changing it, and thus it is a real and correct awareness, or it contributes to its consecration, so it will be a false awareness. As it means the stability of the health status of the body as normal.[3]

the reviewer

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What is the concept of consciousness?

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