A person may suddenly notice cracks in his tongue whose source or cause is unknown, so that the tongue is affected by what is known as a crack, i.e. the appearance of cracks, folds, or many undesirable grooves on the surface of the tongue that change its appearance and make the person feel uncomfortable. It is a rare condition, as it affects only 5% of the people in general, and it is rare in children. Studies have also proven that the appearance of cracks in the tongue is related to age. As the age increases, the cracks increase. They may vary in depth from person to person, but they are usually not painful unless accompanied by infections or ulcers.

Although the tongue is one of the thickest muscles in the body and one of the strongest at all, it may sometimes be exposed to factors that may cause problems in its appearance like any other organ in the body.

The crack in the tongue may be simple or deep, and it may be a single case or accompany other symptoms such as tongue pain and irritation or redness and ulcers on its sides, and the owner may also feel a burning sensation from eating food, especially the hot type of it, and the cracks may be so deep that food remains are stuck inside, causing Over time, it causes a foul smell to come out of the mouth despite cleaning it.

No effective treatment has been found to repair the cracked tongue so far, but doctors usually recommend in such cases to increase the cleaning of the teeth and tongue with brush and paste, but if the feeling of discomfort increases, such as the presence of swelling in the tongue or enlargement in its size, then tests must be done to rule out the presence of tongue cancer.

Causes of cracked tongue

  • Injury to the tongue: such as constant friction with the tongue from a toothbrush, talking while eating, or having untreated fractures of the teeth.
  • Genetic cause: Although this factor has not been confirmed, it is possible that a cracked tongue is the result of genes inherited from parents; Where his tongue is fissured since birth and not due to time and other factors.
  • Tongue anomaly: It means the tongue has lost threadlike papillae in the tongue and cracks or curvatures appear in it.
  • Some psychological pressures: such as the person’s exposure to problems of depression, anxiety, excessive nervousness and tension.
  • physical stress
  • Excessive intake of spicy food.
  • Teeth grinding.
  • Some types of anemia and severe deficiency of some vitamins and minerals in the body.
  • A symptom of a disease, such as cracks accompanying Melkerson-Rosenthal syndrome.
  • Aging.

What is the cause of cracked tongue?

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