California is a state of the United States located on the west coast, bordered to the north by Oregon, to the northeast by Nevada, to the southeast by Arizona, to the south by Baja California, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. The population of the state is more than 38 million and 802 One thousand inhabitants, and it contains people of different races and races, as there are Latin American, Asian, and African American origins.

California capital

Sacramento is the capital of the US state of California. It is located in the Middle Valley region. It is the seventh largest city in the state in terms of population. According to statistical studies for the year 2006 AD, the population reached about 457,514 people. The city is considered one of the most important cultural and economic centers for seven counties: Sacramento, Yolo, Wal Dorado, Placer, Satter, Yuba, Nevada, and Douglas, and the city in general is the fourth most populous city.


The city was founded in December 1848 AD by John Sartre, who built Sutter Castle in 1839 AD and named it “New Helvetia” inspired by Swiss history. The city contains a branch of the University of California, and the following tribes lived there for thousands of years: And the indigenous American tribes of Plains Mewax, as evidenced by a group of traces of the lives of some Native American tribes in the city.


The term “Sacramento” in Spanish and Portuguese means “the Eucharist.” The city was discovered in 1808 by the Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga, who gave it its name and assigned that valley and the river in it, as described by one of the French writers and referred to the generosity of bliss in it because of its nature. Wonderful and diverse vegetable crops.


Sacramento is located near the confluence of the American River with the Sacramento River, so it is considered one of the most important cities in California because ships stop at the confluence of the two rivers in order to unload cargo and goods and export materials and industries to and from the Pacific Ocean.

Mexican era

John Satter was able to reach the meeting point of the Sacramento and American rivers in 1839 AD, which led to the granting of Mexican lands an area of ​​about 50,000 hectares, and in the following year Sartre ordered a group of workers to build a great castle surrounded by walls at a height of 18 feet and a width of 3 feet, and under This building became the political ruler of the region, and was able to expand and develop the city, where he ordered the cultivation of fruits in 10 hectares, and about 13,000 heads of cattle were raised in the castle lands.


What is the capital of California?

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