What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area that takes the form of an equilateral triangle with a length of approximately 1500 km on each side, and an area of ​​approximately one million square kilometers. , Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, along with the Dragon Triangle.

Why is the Bermuda Triangle famous?

This region became famous as a result of many articles and research about it in the mid-twentieth century, which include frightening accounts of that region, which is the disappearance of ships and planes as soon as they cross it, but the statistics of the United States Coast Guard do not show the presence of large cases of disappearance of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle compared to in other regions; The number of accidents there is similar to the number of disappearances in other parts of the ocean.

Interpreting the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

abnormal explanations

The first explanation proposed by some authors is to blame the island of Atlantis after they found rocks formed in the form of an undersea road called Bimini Street in Bimini Island near the Bahamas within the triangle, while other authors linked the events of the triangle with UFOs, and used this idea Steven Spielberg in the science fiction movie, which includes the story of the loss of the crew of Flight 19, and the abduction of aliens, and Charles Berlitz, the author of many books, and recorded theories linking losses to unexplained forces.

natural explanations

  • Compass errors: A compass error is one of the causes of triangle accidents.
  • Deliberate acts of destruction: These acts are divided into two groups, the first being war incidents, and the second being piracy incidents. Many ships have sunk as a result of attacking submarines during the world wars, and piracy is the illegal seizure of ships in the seas until now.
  • Human errors: These errors may be intentional or unintended; For example, the Coast Guard of the United States of America indicated that the reason for the loss of the SS tanker in 1972 was the lack of proper training to dispose of waste gasoline.
  • Methane hydrates: The emission of large quantities of methane hydrate gas on the slopes of the continents is one of the natural explanations mentioned by scientists, and experiments conducted in Australia proved that methane bubbles can sink an entire ship as a result of the low density of water.
  • Tropical Storms: These are powerful storms that originate in tropical waters, and have caused the loss of many lives and billions of dollars in losses.
  • Destructive waves: These waves in many of the world’s oceans caused the sinking of many ships.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

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