Wormwood is an aromatic herb that is widely used in alternative medicine. Because it contains elements and compounds that make it an effective medicine for many diseases, it contains: phosphorous, manganese, nickel, potassium, lead, magnesium, iron and others, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before using it, to assess the appropriate condition for the patient, and we will mention in this article Wormwood benefits.[1]

Wormwood benefits

The wormwood plant has several benefits, including:[2]

  • useful in getting rid of worms; Because it contains santorin, by drinking wormwood infusion before bed for three days, however, it is necessary not to overeat; Because the presence of Santorin in the body in abundance turns it into harmful toxins, and if a person is forced to eat wormwood for a period of more than three days, he must consult a doctor in this regard.
  • nourishes hair; Because it contains tar, which is important in moisturizing hair, nourishing it, and strengthening its follicles, which led many hair care manufacturers to resort to using it in their products, especially products to stop hair loss.
  • It contributes to solving many digestive disorders, as it is useful for treating colic in young and old, as it is used as an appetite suppressant, expelling gases and treating indigestion.
  • It relieves the pain associated with the menstrual cycle; This is because it relaxes cramped muscles.
  • It gives the skin great moisture, and maintains its freshness, if it is wiped with wormwood tea.
  • It benefits those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, or nerve pain; Wormwood relieves these symptoms and calms the body; Because it contains a narcotic substance that gives the muscles of the body relaxation, so placing a few drops of wormwood oil near the pillow helps to enjoy a calm and comfortable sleep.
  • It contains antioxidants that effectively prevent cancer.
  • Wormwood is used to manufacture some types of insecticides, as its oil is a repellent for some types of insects.

How to make wormwood tea

  • Put a spoonful of wormwood – whether fresh or dried – in a cup of hot or boiling water for at least a quarter of an hour.
  • Drink wormwood tea with honey or sugar, because it has a bitter taste.[3]

Warnings: Some people are cautioned against eating wormwood, and they are:[4]

  • People suffering from stomach ulcers should avoid eating wormwood. Because it contains neurological properties that are likely to make the problem difficult.
  • Nursing and pregnant women should avoid taking it.
  • People who are allergic to the plant should consult a doctor first before using it.

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What is the benefit of the wormwood herb?

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