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Saturday August 8, 2020

What is the American company that concluded a secret deal to steal Syria’s oil?

The World – Syria

In a report published on Saturday, the American Network quoted sources familiar with the agreement as saying that the secret deal, the first of its kind signed last month, gives Delta Crescent Energy company wide powers to develop and modernize more than half of the fields under the control of the majority Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Kurdish, which is in line with the goal that Trump has long sought to achieve, which is to secure US control over oil reserves in the region.

CNN quoted one of the company’s founders and former US ambassador to Denmark, James Kane, as saying that the deal allows the company to participate in all aspects of energy development, transportation, marketing, refining and exploration, in order to “develop and redevelop the infrastructure in the region and help people in the region. On introducing their products to the international market. “

The report pointed out that the two partners of the former ambassador in the company are James Rees, a retired officer from the “Delta” force in the US Army, who ran the private security company Rees, and John Durrer, who is the executive director of oil in the company and has long experience working in the Middle East.

CNN sources stated that the only goal behind these three persons establishing their new company is to secure this deal in Syria, stressing that they have worked intensively to achieve this goal with US State Department officials for more than a year.

Last April, the company received, according to the report, a license from the US Treasury Department exempting it from the severe sanctions regime imposed by the United States on Syria.

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Although the US State and Defense departments sought to distance themselves from the deal, CNN sources confirmed that the State Department played an active role behind the scenes in concluding the contract.

It is expected, according to “CNN” sources, that this secret contract, which has been in effect for more than a year, will bring billions of dollars to the Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria, and none of these funds will be shared with the Syrian government in Damascus.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted this trait existed for the first time, in response to a question from prominent Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

This contract elicited strong opposition from the Damascus government, which stressed that it is void and does not depend on any legal basis.

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