Sudan or the Republic of Sudan is a country located in the northeastern part of the continent of Africa, bordered by Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, Libya and Egypt to the north, the Central African Republic and Chad to the west, and South Sudan to the south. It is ranked globally as the largest country in Africa, and its capital is Khartoum. What is referred to is that the Nile River divides the territory of the State of Sudan into two parts, the western part and the eastern part. Sudan is home to many ancient civilizations, including: the Kingdom of Kush, Nobatia, Meroe, Al-Maqra, and Alwa.

What is Sudan famous for?

Natural Resources

Sudan is famous for its richness in various natural resources; This is due to its possession of many large areas, in addition to containing a lot of green spaces, and perhaps this is what made it a country famous for many agricultural crops, including: fruits, sesame, cotton, corn, and vegetables, and it is characterized by many industries such as: cement, Textiles, gums, petroleum refining and patterns, in addition to raising livestock.


Sudan is a tourist destination for large numbers of tourists, whether from the Western or Arab world; This is due to the presence of vast forests, deserts, and lakes, in addition to many temples and monuments.

The most important tourist attractions in Sudan

The pyramids and the monuments of Nubia

There are approximately two hundred and twenty pyramids in Sudan. The number of their pyramids exceeds the number of the Egyptian pyramids. They are located in the northern state, five hundred kilometers from the capital, Khartoum. Perhaps the most prominent feature that distinguishes it is that it is the oldest pyramids in the Nile Valley. It was built by the Kushite rulers, and in addition to these pyramids There are many ancient temples, including: the Lion Temple of Abadmac, the Roman Kiosk, and the Temple of Amun, all of which are located in the Naqa’a district.

Kitchener’s Gate in Suken

It is an ancient historical city located in the eastern part of Sudan, specifically on the coast of the Red Sea. It was built on an atoll. It was also surrounded by a wall with five gates. Perhaps the most prominent feature of it is that its buildings consist of many beautiful inscriptions and decorations.

The beaches of the Red Sea

The beaches of the Red Sea are characterized by the purity and transparency of their waters, and they are free of marine pollutants, and large numbers of tourists flock to them, especially lovers of diving and water sports. Annular coral reefs in the Red Sea are also full of aquatic organisms.

Jebel Marra

It is one of the most tourist attractions in the Darfur region, and is characterized by the diversity of its plants, as well as the diversity of its wildlife, in addition to the fact that it contains a volcanic hole located above its summit, and there are two lakes in it. And geese, and ducks.

What is Sudan famous for?

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