Man has been interested in perfumes since ancient times, as it formed a state of happiness and psychological comfort, and this interest began to him when he was inhaling the smell of roses, flowers, and aromatic plants, so he would burn them, and enjoy their strong smell wafting in the place, then soon the perfume industry developed, and it became People squeeze rose petals and distill their juice; To obtain a concentrated perfume, it is placed in elegant bottles, which were presented to the kings and nobles at the time.

The perfume industry has developed over time, until huge factories are set up for it to manufacture perfumes of international brands, characterized by the beauty of its smell, and its stability that lasts for days. And its products shined in all global markets compared to other perfumes; Because of its quality, stability, and beautiful smell.

perfume ingredients

Some perfumes are made from 100% natural materials, while others are made from a mixture of chemicals and natural materials, in addition to some color or odor-fixing substances. The components of perfumes can be summarized as follows:

Aromatic vegetable oils

We get them from flower petals, as well as the wood of trees, in addition to the possibility of obtaining essential oils also from other parts of plants, such as: buds, leaves, date peels, roots, and sometimes we can use the whole plant, and among the most important plants that are used in perfumes: Cinnamon, rosemary, rose, sandalwood, musk and lavender, and vegetable oils can be extracted from plants in many ways, the most important of which are: steam distillation, or boiling the plant in boiling water, or using the traditional soaking process.

animal raw materials

There are many sources of animal materials, such as custard, which is a fatty substance that can be obtained from a beaver. The rest of the materials that are added to perfumes according to their quality and percentage in the perfume.

industrial materials

These substances are included in the list of substances used in the manufacture of perfumes; It helps in fixing the smell of perfume, and dissolving alcohol with perfume and aging it, such as benzyl benzoate, sandalwood, glycerin, benzoin gum, and others.


Ethyl alcohol is used in the preparation of perfume, as it is considered the safest type to use for the preparation of many cosmetics, and it can be said that isopropyl alcohol is also considered one of the safe alcohol in the perfume industry, as it is added to it at a concentration of ninety-five percent, and if these types of alcohol are used, Perfumes can only be used after a year and a half of their manufacture, so perfumes made from them are of a high degree of quality and luxury, in addition to their very expensive price.

What is the fragrance made of?

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