Defining the humanities

Humanities are the branches of knowledge that are concerned with the human being and his culture, or with the analytical and basic methods of questions derived from the appreciation of human values, and the distinctive ability of the human soul to express itself. , different to a lesser degree from the social sciences,[1]The humanities are concerned with how people deal with and document their human experiences. People have used different methods to understand the world around them, such as literature, philosophy, religion, art, music, history, and language.[2]

The importance of the humanities

The humanities are very important in human life, for many reasons, including the following:[3]

  • Deepen your sources of wisdom by learning how others deal with failure, success, hardship, and triumphs.
  • An appreciation of constants, to have the ability to distinguish the difference between things that have meaning and those that have no meaning.
  • Training in the analytical thinking skills required to be a successful student and employee.
  • Support and strengthen the local artistic community by learning to appreciate the importance of creativity.
  • Develop a worldview by studying cultures from around the world.
  • Draw inspiration from some of the greatest minds and ideas of all time.
  • Deepening understanding and appreciation for other cultures and perspectives.
  • Determine the links between all areas of knowledge, and a way to fit them together.
  • Determine personal values ​​by comparing them with what others thought.
  • Improving oral and written communication skills.

Possible career options

A person with a humanities degree is qualified to work in all fields, but not in a specific discipline, as he will possess many skills that he can benefit from in many areas, such as critical thinking, communication skills, writing, public speaking, problem solving, and many more. A person can work in any sector of the economy, such as companies, non-profit organizations, schools, newspapers, or government. The most famous examples of professional jobs are:[4]

  • Writer or editor: With training in the humanities, a person can become a journalist, television writer, speechwriter, author, playwright, and other types of writing. Many people start out as beginners in this field, and then gradually increase their level until they become professionals. .
  • Artist: Having a background in the humanities is useful for the artist, through which he can have a broad and global view of things. A person can be a songwriter, film director, actor, visual artist, or many others.
  • Sales or Customer Service: A person with a humanities degree can excel in any business related to dealing with others.
  • Realtor: There are many employers that require a humanities degree to be able to work in this field.
  • Human resources specialist or manager: There are many occupations listed in the field of human resources, but a person with a humanities degree can work managing issues related to a company’s employees, such as working conditions, employment, productivity, or morale.
  • Other career options: In addition to studying the humanities, people may have to obtain further training to be able to work in a variety of fields, such as a librarian, translator, lawyer, school teacher, museum director, school principal, or University Professor.

List of human sciences

The field of humanities, according to the National Endowment for the Humanities, includes many branches, the most famous examples of which are:[5]

  • Classical languages.
  • Modern languages.
  • Diligence.
  • linguistics.
  • Date.
  • literature.
  • Philosophy.
  • archeology.
  • Comparative religion.
  • Ethics.
  • History, criticism and art theory.

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What is meant by human sciences?

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