IPTV system

IPTV is an abbreviation for (Internet Protocol Television), it is a television broadcasting system based on the use of the Internet Protocol (IP).[1] Instead of using the broadcast signals that enter the house through the rooftop antennas, satellite dish or fiber optic cable,[2] It is common to watch Internet content on TV by browsing the Internet on a computer, along with plug-ins, but recently; Many users have been able to watch Internet content on TV,[1] Through the digital receiver (set-top box), which connects the Internet and the receiver in the TV; So that the TV can display various Internet programs.[2]

IPTV content

IPTV content is divided into three types, the first: short content; It includes YouTube clips, videos and music, and the second type is medium to long content, which includes TV shows, niche videos and movies, and the third type is longer content, which includes TV channels and some videos related to specific events. It is worth noting that this content is available in three forms:[1]

  • Usually, the management of TV channels provides a service called (Catch-up TV); Which allows users who were unable to watch a particular program to watch it later within a week of the channel’s broadcast.
  • People can be enabled to watch the programs they want on demand, and this service is called (On-demand), which is very little compared to the (Catch-up) services mentioned in the previous point.
  • Videos can be saved on the remote compute without downloading to a TV or PC, and their content includes traditional video sites like YouTube, or some channels that need a subscription service to watch.

Benefits of using an IPTV system

The IPTV system has many benefits, the most important of which are: TIPTOP:[3]

  • Low cost: The use of an IP network in TV and computer devices without the need for a satellite (aerial) signal distribution system inside different buildings and universities would reduce the cost involved.
  • Security: IPTV blocks access to streaming content; And that is through its adoption of the firewall program.
  • Choose what to watch: Users can watch the latest news and events, as well as watch their favorite channels anywhere.

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What is IPTV system

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