hemoglobin analysis

Hemoglobin is an analysis of blood, or what is known as hemoglobin, to measure its percentage in the blood, which is a protein found in red blood cells, and works to carry oxygen to various tissues and organs of the body, in addition to transporting carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs, The person does not need to take any of the special procedures before performing the analysis, except in some cases in which the doctor asks the person to fast before performing the analysis, or if some other tests are needed at the same time.[1]

Reasons for a hemoglobin analysis

A hemoglobin analysis is performed to detect a person’s general health, as a disorder in the number or shape of hemoglobin affects the shape and functions of red blood cells in the body, and the analysis is performed to help diagnose some health problems such as anemia, in the event of symptoms that may indicate infection. It has symptoms such as shortness of breath, tiredness, fatigue, and dizziness, in addition to the need to monitor the progress of some previously diagnosed health problems, or monitor the effect of treatment.[2][1]

Hemoglobin analysis results

The normal level of hemoglobin depends on age and gender, and the normal result may vary between different laboratories of nature analysis. The normal percentage of hemoglobin in women is estimated between 12.0-15.5 g/dL, and men between 13.5-17.5 g/dL, and for children it ranges between -11.0 16.0 g/dL. Hemoglobin levels are elevated in polycythaemia vera. Excessive production of red blood cells, which leads to increased blood density, high risk of blood clot formation, heart attack, and stroke, and it should be noted that there are some other factors that may lead to high hemoglobin, such as smoking, dehydration, lung and heart diseases, And living in high areas, as for low blood hemoglobin than the normal rate, it may indicate the following health problems:[3][2]

  • Kidney disease.
  • Liver diseases.
  • Anemia of all kinds.
  • Lead poisoning.
  • Some types of cancer.

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What is hemoglobin analysis?

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